If you’ve got a fear of heights, this job isn’t for you…🫣 I 🎥: @matiasguerraph #heights #job

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If you've got a fear of heights, this job isn't for you…🫣 I 🎥: @matiasguerraph #heights #job

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  1. there is just something about being able to pull up the section with one hand and then trusting it to hold your weight that I just don’t trust. not only that, but the guy wires look super sus to me. just a big fat NOPE from me

  2. this is not amazing this is stupidity….im a professional safety officer and if i was the incharge or this are i would not let this project even happened in this way…guys your life is not just for a video c’mon you have lot’s of person who are dependent on you….stay safe and be safe ❤❤

    1. how else is a tower that high going to be built? You can see where he’s tied off and has the proper harness on.

    1. Probably comes down to money. The pieces are obviously light enough for one dude to lift on his own. So why pay a crane company when you can pay one dude

  3. I want some Equal Rights Feminists put there, and have a show… Other people are also invited or can simply join the show…

    1. That is very dangerous. Goes against what I was taught in the military and working on thinks way up in the air. We had one pole I didn’t climb because it was shaking all over the place and it was litterly hanging by the lines. That post he is building is too weak to hold his weight if he fell with the hardest connected. Also always have three pints of contact when working on somthing this high. Very hard when Installing things though. We called the poles areals.

  4. Climbing trees is fun, but I would love to be a tower worker one day. It’s the views for me.

  5. Someone has to do it eventually so even if you’re scared you’re gonna have to do things you won’t like

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