I’m Selling $100 Million Worth Of Supercars!

Today we are launching SBX Cars, our very own premium vehicle auction platform for the world's most valuable, collectible and rarest cars. We are so ecstatic to share this news as we have more than $100m automobiles for sale, including a Tesla Cybertruck, , Lamborghini Veneno Roadster and a Monza SP2.

Head over to take a look at the current listings and watch on our socials for our exciting displays.

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I'm Selling $100 Million Worth Of Supercars!

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    1. Says the person who can’t afford any of them. And neither can I, so what does it matter? Let the people do their thing.

    2. This is yet just another example of why there’s a moniker called “STUPID RICH”. if they don”t know how to buy or sell a supercar as they have to ask SB.

    3. And the SAME cars are on all of them. Supercar auntie over there is just paid to be a front figure.

    1. Don’t follow or unfollow and don’t subscribe or unsubscribed SUPERCAR BLONDIE AND STAFF are super super scammer and super super liar 🖕

    2. Beware supercar Blondie and her staff, someday she scamm you! don’t follow or unfollow and don’t subscribe or unsubscribed SUPERCAR BLONDIE!.

    3. Don’t follow or unfollow and don’t subscribe or unsubscribed SUPERCAR BLONDIE AND STAFF are super super scammer and super super liar 🖕

  1. Wonderful news! You’re uniquely positioned to introduce this new platform. Continued success to you Alex and the team.

    1. @@fattyshtc on top of the application fee to even sell your car that cost about a couple thousand

  2. Congrats on this new venture! So many magnificent cars on one site! With your knowledge, enthusiasm and experience, it would be a pleasure to buy a supercar from SBX!😊

  3. They’re all super fabulous, I can’t pick just one!! Please can I lease them one at a time?😁

  4. 0:08: 🚗 Launch of personal digital auction platform for selling high-end cars.
    2:38: 🚗 Exclusive supercars available for purchase on SPX Cars platform with minimal buyer commission.
    5:27: 🚗 Rare opportunity to own exclusive supercars, including the first AMG1 up for auction.
    9:02: 🏎️ Revolutionary $100 million supercar features virtual windshield, unique door mechanism, and helmet storage.
    12:22: 🚗 Rare black and gold SVJ roadster with unique sound showcased alongside other supercars.

    Timestamps by Tammy AI

  5. At 13:47 I totally agree. My gf trips out how many times I’ve been able to identify an Aventador in the distance just by hearing the noise of it before we caught up and got to see the actual car.

    1. Mental ! Billionaires be like, thats pittance. Andwe all thought it was only Bugatti scamming at like 40k oil change

    1. they watch it bro, they still human.
      Even the one who own a company, also watch YouTube to find out changes in the market and consumer tastes as well as competitors’ products.

  6. Cool.
    I will keep this in mind.
    Thank you for the information.
    Love all the work you have done for keeping me updated.

  7. Very smart way to leverage your audience! I get the comparison to BAT and Doug’s Cars and Bids, but SB has way more international cachet and way more subscribers. The high level inventory certainly sets it apart even more than Sotheby’s online auction site. Good luck!

    1. 4x more than Doug’s…. Just because you and I might not be in the market or can afford these cars doesn’t mean there’s no market for them. Clearly there’s plenty of people who buy and trade them. The market might be smaller than typical <100k cars but it’s a great platform to have access to even consider or have the opportunity to get these super uber cars. You win that billion dollar lottery, now you have one place to shop!

    2. Just tired of seeing Marketing and sales all over the place.
      Enjoy the cars and give us a break!

    3. @@stevelee8437 I don’t know if you’re slow or if you’re actually just stupid but millions of her subscribers are actually paid and bought *BOT* accounts ‼️😅

    4. @@stevelee8437 if I were to win that billion dollar lottery this would be the place not to shop why would I want a used car when I can buy one brand new from the factory you really are slow brains ‼️

  8. Smart lady !! With your platform. This could be worth millions and I don’t blame you for doing it. It’s the perfect fit for you. I actually applaud it. 👍👍 I think people would benefit way more doing it this way then any other way so kudos to you and your team. I love this idea. Keep up the good work Blondie your a pioneer in this game.!!!!

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