I’m Selling My Audi RS2 Avant on Cars & Bids!


I'm selling my Audi Avant on Cars & Bids! I have actually enjoyed my cool Audi wagon, but it's time to sell it– and today I'm going to discuss why I'm selling. I'm also going to discuss how I have actually enjoyed my Avant for the last 2 years, and I'm going to show you around my Avant and reveal you what's been so great about it.


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I'm Selling My Audi on Cars & Bids!

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  1. Doug is the kind of guy who would make an entire car auction platform just to buy and sell his own vehicles.

    1. ​@Noxxyy Nah, it was done through a trusted source and connections. It all started off from a joke or something IIRC. The specifics can be found on The Smoking Tire Podcast, when he was on recently.

    1. 👆Thank you for watching and living a comment text me privately on telegram to claim your price🎁

    2. ​@Charles it’s interesting to hear YouTubers amongst themselves complain how supercar ownership doesn’t “do” it anymore. I myself like Doug’s attention to detail in the cars that he chooses, as opposed to some of the more juvenile tubers out there.

      All of his cars make perfect sense to me, even though that G-Class is a pig to look at.

      Plus, I’ve loved all of his old cars as well.

      Let’s hope he doesn’t go all “Miami”…

  2. Doug is the type of guy that will give you a 40 year old backstory about how he always wanted this car and how its his dream car forever, only to sell it 2 years laters, cause “its been 2 years, its time”.

    1. @Stormix a multi millionaire thats running out of car space? give me a break LOL
      and if he feels tomorrow like buying a new one, he will buy a new one.

    2. I honestly get the part where he said; he wants to go down his list of cars he wishes to own. I do the exact same thing. I get cars on a 1 year lease or buy them used with the intention of reselling them within 12 months because I have other cars that I wish to drive. Non of my cars are in this price class, but they include a Volkswagen Golf Variant, Mercedes CLA, but also an old Volvo V70 and an old Daimler SuperEight.

    3. Alright to be fair, you currently have a dream car in mind and it is probably out of your budget maybe slightly and some day you maybe able to stretch to get it. If someone gave you $10 million I guarantee your ‘dream car’ suddenly gets more expensive. Like you were looking at a Lambo Aventador, now you are eyeing a la Ferrari.

  3. Doug went from cars and bids to cars and kids 🙂 congrats Doug and your wife! So awesome. I’ve heard interviews where you explained some of the trails you’ve endured in the past and I’m truly thrilled for you. Thanks for being so humble and real, Doug. You’re the best!

    1. Fun (personal) fact: I’ve had like 4 dreams with Doug in them. So weird, so random…. Although I guess I watch too much Doug Demuro, it shouldn’t be a surprise! 😅

  4. Your Sunday video should be a discussion of all the mods you have done to your cars. I never expected to see you mod a car at all. It’s amusing to know we both wrapped our interior trim in carbon fiber.

    Btw: the brake lights and window switches are likely just bad connections at the bulb/switches. You could spray some electrical parts cleaner and dialectric grease on them to clean out any gunk and create a better connection.

    1. 👆Thank you for watching and living a comment text me privately on telegram to claim your price🎁

  5. Doug is the kind of guy to start informing his wife of the RS2’s features to help sooth her during her contractions.

  6. Nah man. Just no. This is one of your dream cars. You should keep it forever. You dont move on from a dreamcar 😔

  7. I thought this car is what Doug will keep forever. This has been my all-time favorite car of his. Simple and pure.

    1. @You I didn’t say it was or it wasn’t. I just corrected the guy who said that someone said an rs2 was better. No one said that.

      And I have a feeling that if you polled car guys, especially if you could filter out people under 25, the Audi would hold it’s own in coolness to the cgt.

    1. @mark spence It’s not about the IRS, it’s that California won’t allow imported vehicles to be registered without extreme modification that’s expensive and takes approx 1 year. Also even if it was about taxes, it would be state taxes and the IRS is federal.

    1. He’s genuinely intelligent. Despite all of these jokes about him in here, maybe what makes him special is his iq. It seeps through his speech and actions.

    2. BUT it’s a weird time to do it… just weeks after making MILLIONS on the Cars & Bids deal. He no longer “needs” the money that this car will bring. He expressed how much this car meant to him when he bought it and he now has the means to keep it (and other iconic cars like it) in his stable forever. Just shocked he isn’t hanging onto it for sentimental reasons.

    3. @yankees6970 add the fact that he took home his first born child in this car which is why I was shocked when this video posted

    4. @yankees6970 I also do not understand it but I think it fits his lifestyle a lot, he wants to have a lot of cars but he doesn’t want to waste space for another 10 car garage.

      Some people like memories car gives but not the car itself (not as much), my grandfather went through like 15 cars in his life and he cared about every one of them – but every time, one random day, he decided he wants to have other car and never wanted to own two cars.

  8. Surprised that headliner wasn’t mentioned as one of the faults, I can’t imagine those pins in the back are factor haha.

  9. 7:10 Doug is the type of guy who buys his cars “off market” but builds an entire car market 😂 (Love you Doug… congrats on all your amazing success)

  10. Doug is the kind of car enthusiast I wish more people could be. He doesn’t care about motors or how fast a car is or throwing ridiculous amounts of mods at a car he just loves cars for what they are and the history. We relate well in that manner. Thanks for keeping true car enthusiasm alive Doug!

  11. Doug “I remember carefully driving”…narrated over a picture, taken behind the wheel, at 1 am, with his wife in labor 😂 we love ya Doug!

  12. Thanks for the story, Doug. And thank you Audi, for showing us how car interiors should be done. Clean, tasteful and everything backlit in red. That steering wheel, that shifter, that gauge cluster, the center stack, the door cards. Everything is the right shape, it all just works; and red backlighting is absolutely the best color for nighttime automotive illumination ever, and Audi used to make sure every gauge and damn near every single button had a red light behind it. So perfect.

  13. Congrats on the investment. That’s pretty sick knowing a normal dude like you have made it this far into the car review/reselling biz. Nicely done

  14. It’s gotta be tough to limit yourself to even 10 cars when you’ve driven everything, and you’re seeing cool cars come through C&B day in and day out. Makes sense to buy one, enjoy it for a while, and then move on to something else.

  15. Good for you Doug. Been watching you for years now. You deserve everything you’ve worked for. Love your channel pal. Upward and onwards! Love you bud.

  16. I admire how you are going about experiencing the cars you want to own. You may be able to afford to own more cars at once, but you choose not to. You are an inspiration!

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