I’m Selling My Land Rover Defender on Cars & Bids!


THIS is my Land Rover Defender– and I'm selling it! My terrific, beloved 1997 Land Rover Protector 90 is being auctioned live on Cars & Quotes– and I'll be unfortunate to see it go. Today I'm going to describe why I'm offering my Land Rover Protector, and I'll also cover what makes it so cool and so terrific.


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00:00 THIS …
00:32 My History with the Protector
03:36 Why Am I Offering it?
03:55 Reason # 1: Simplify My Life
06:02 Reason # 2: The Kiddos
07:41 I Currently Have a More Secure Variation
08:51 My Plans Changed
10:10 I'm Not a Collector
10:58 Seasons In Life
12:11 I Can Constantly Buy Another One
12:37 Overview of My Defender
14:08 NAS Advantages
14:28 V8 Powertrain
14:51 Automatic Transmission
16:05 Open Roof
17:05 Roll Cage
18:05 Rear Lighting
18:17 Serial Number Plaque
18:56 Can be Registered in all 50 States
20:08 Details About This Specific Protector
22:32 Service Records
23:00 Things I have actually Added
24:11 What Is Incorrect With It?
27:03 Driving Experience
31:31 Goodbye Sweet Land Rover

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I'm Selling My Land Rover Defender on Cars & Bids!

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    1. Now why would he buy that? He explains why he’s selling it starting at 3:36.
      He basically says because of “simplifying my life and he has two young kids”.

    1. @@ruk2023–I’d still take this Defender if it was a 0 DougScore. This is the greatest SUV ever made.

  1. May this Land Rover Defender be blessed with a good new owner. We’re surely gonna miss it. At least, it was responsible for a lot of Doug’s good memories

  2. This video reminds me of the Home Improvement episode where Tim sells his ’33 Ford Hotrod at a car show. When Jill finds out, she asks “So, for enough money, you’d sell the house, me, the kids, your tools…” Tim responds “I’m not selling my tools…”

    1. I didn’t watch that show regularly, but I do remember the episodes surrounding his hot rod(s). IIRC, in response to his family taking issue with him selling the Ford, he bought a dilapidated shell of a ’40s Ford convertible to start building a whole new hot rod with the family.

    2. @@DiRF yes! And, as beautiful as the 33 is, I loved the second hot rod. The cool thing is Tim Allen still owns both of them along with a lot of other cars. In fact, I think the ‘66 Ferrari that Al’s girlfriend, later wife, gives him is actually Tim’s car.

  3. Doug in previous videos “And of course, I have my Land Rover Defender… which I’ll never sell!”

    1. He was almost close to not selling it but sometimes you need to make the sensible choice, not the emotional one

    2. I’ve said that about almost every car I’ve had, but most end up getting sold. It’s the life of a car guy

    3. Heh, find the video where I said that. Trust me — you won’t!

      Everyone eventually sells that car they say they’ll “never sell.” I’m just more realistic about it than most.

  4. 02:02 I’m so relieved that he didn’t attend his own wedding with a t-shirt and cargo shorts

  5. Dude, congratulations on the new baby! Idk why no one else has commented on this yet, but that’s a huge deal! You’re points about seasons in life and the fact you could go get another one are spot on! It’s sad to see it go, but it’s not nearly as important as other things and people in your life. You got your priorities straight here and I commend you for it!

    1. Doug and Hoovie. Both highlight everything wrong, even stuff most people would never notice. Hoovie even bought back that Ferrari after the next owner blew it up!

  6. I started watching your channel when you bought this car. I’ve seen you grow as a youtuber, entertainer, car journalist and even person while you owned it. It even sort of kickstarted a little interest in Defenders in me, and I always think of you Doug, and your yellow truck when I see other Defenders in my country. Congratulations on the new family member, and I also hope the new owner continues to have fun and keep it as mint as it is.

  7. 3:12 Doug and his friends are the type of guys that sing Sweet Caroline loud at night coming home on the yellow defender

    1. ​@@DougDeMurohella cool. My friends dad was a HUGE mopar fan. 2000 he took us on a drive in hid 60s cuda. Had the Corrs playing leave me breathless. I love that song to this day, and that was his kind of driving music. As a nascar mopar fan.

    2. @@DougDeMuro Doug I neeeeeeeed to know if you blast some Taylor Swift out of the Defender. Sale question 😉

    1. With how much this man rotates cars in and out, I expect the Countach’s days are numbered! 😂

    2. ​​@user-vx7vi3vq1c yea but he bought his “all time dream car” several times now lol. Its getting silly

    3. Bruh you have sold more cars that you said you would “probably never get rid of” than cars I’ve owned.

  8. Doug’s the type of guy to turn 40 at 35. I remember paring down possessions to simplify life, and the tough decisions that had to be made. Good on you, Doug for simplifying and making the best choices for your family!

    1. @DougDemuro if you are taking the G Wagon to the east coast, what are you doing for off roading on the west coast?

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