I’m Selling My Land Rover Defender on Cars & Bids!


I'm offering my "new" Land Rover Defender– without any reserve on Cars & Quotes! The time has pertained to offer my Land Rover Protector, and today I'm going to describe why I'm offering it. I'm also going to explain how my time with the Defender has been, and I'll take you on a tour of my specific Protector so you can see how it's geared up.


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I'm Selling My Land Rover Defender on Cars & Bids!

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  1. I can’t believe Doug out grew this car so quickly. I’m pretty sure he’s gonna get a bentayga at some point.

  2. Honestly, the fact that Doug created Cars and Bids so he can showcase and sell vehicles is pure GENIUS.

    1. @Planag7 If you think it cost him nothing to launch the site you know nothing about what it takes to start a business or just how much work he put into that particular venture. He made a couple videos about it on the Cars & Bids channel, it was hectic and there were a lot of people involved in just the initial launch, most of whom he was paying.

      Have to say though, “trying to powder his balls” is an ELITE phrase that I will now be stealing from you.

  3. Doug is the kind of guy who sets a car auction site so he can sell his cars… And goes way better than expected!

  4. “It can slow up and speed down”
    This is unforgivable, incomprehensible, horrific, absolutely abhorrent, a huge issue and I cannot ever find it in myself to forgive you. Things will never be the same Douglas.

  5. Doug is the kind of guy to have 4 million subscribers, a Ford GT, Carrera GT, a successful car selling website, but only felt famous when driving his brand new defender lol

    1. ​@Nintendo Ultra 64 truthfully, millionaires are the only people that should be buying new cars.

  6. Doug’s the kind of guy with 9 cars and says he needs to simplify his life.

    Hat tip to you! Glws!

  7. Doug is the type of guy to own a carrera gt, but praise the land rover for making him feel like a celebrity

  8. Doug is the kind of guy to talk about all the issues with his car and then tell you its auction is live with no reserve

    1. @Damar Fadlan drives me nuts he didn’t order the side window black. it looks so much better without that square of color

    2. ​@Justin MacCreery Exactly, every single time I see a used car ad where they advertise the car ad being “in perfect condition” my default response is “Then why are you selling it?”

  9. Doug is a brave man, riding fearlessly on thin ice the whole time with regards to mentioning the wife’s driving capabilities…

    1. I’m sure his wife is a perfectly fine driver, but she’s not Doug who drives a different car every few days. Getting used to a new car is a thing, and as such, mistakes are bound to happen.

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