I’m Selling My Mercedes-Benz A-Class On Cars & Bids!


Well, folks, here it is: My 1998 Mercedes-Benz A140, now reside on Cars & Quotes. As I pointed out in my video revealing the sale of this car, I can't say I particularly enjoyed the A140, as it's pretty dull and uninspiring. Thankfully, it's eccentric and strange, it's in good shape, it has a 5-speed handbook transmission, and it's titled in the U.S.– so if you want to win cars and trucks and coffee without investing big money, this is how to do it. My A140 is also used with no reserve, which adds to the enjoyable. Not that there was much enjoyable to begin with.


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00:00 THIS …
00:58 Introduction
02:03 Why I Purchased It
02:53 Why I'm Offering It
04:43 Some Great News
05:37 Virtual Tour of this A-Class
07:51 Pros of this A140
08:31 This is the Best A-Class around
09:33 List of Service Products & Upgrades
11:16 The Cons of this A-Class
11:37 This Infant Has Actually Seen Track Use
13:01 Farewell Drive
17:59 Last Ideas

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I'm Selling My Mercedes-Benz A-Class On Cars & Bids!

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  1. Doug is the kind of guy to start a car auction site just to ensure he doesn’t lose money when he sells his cars

    1. He won’t lose anything on this car. He’ll make enough from the videos alone of it to pay the costs… I’m betting it will earn a net profit.

    1. It has exactly the same amount as the supercars of Doug and his friends, judging by the other track video lol.

  2. Doug the kind of guy to use the EXACT same B-roll footage in the introduction and farewell of his car 😭

  3. Doug is the kind of guy who goes to great lengths to import a ‘Benz… And then sells it immediately 😂

    1. lol i think doug doesn’t allow to put links to other selling sites but look it up, I found two for sale in “solo autos” one is pretty bad the other one is ok, just high mileage @@scottyo64

    1. This…is a crappy econobox from the late 90s. But it’s a EUROPEAN crappy econobox from the late 90s, so you should buy it.

  4. Love Dougs shock and surprise that a cheap economy box from the 90s isn’t that fun to drive. I could have told you that for 14k!

  5. See, with a Multipla I don’t think the experience would be the same. You’ve reviewed one, you know that with the quirky looks comes a lot of clever solutions and practical aspects so there’s more to enjoy than just weirdness.

    1. Multiplas are an absolute horror to maintain, not that much for the mechanical reliability, as FIAT engines are usually really good, but on the electrical and specially on the cosmetical sides: ECU, wiring and sensors were a pain, plastics, rubbers and trims literally dissintegrate overtime, body panels were thin as f., painting on most FIATS are like a thin mist with a laque coat thinner than your spit… And new or used replacements are EXTREMELY escarce to get, as they didn’t sold that much units compared with the A Class.

      Owning a Multipla is a complete different league compared with the A Class, at least with a Mercedes you have a decent global reliability overtime, that a FIAT doesn’t have.

    2. The Multipla is definitely more interesting, but I’m not doing it. The A140 already scratched that itch. Maybe a W202 C43 wagon…

    3. ​​@@DougDeMuro was really looking forward to you getting a Multipla 😭😭 wasn’t a fan of you getting the A Clasa but didn’t realize it could turn you off of a Multipla

    4. ​@@DougDeMuro Seicento Sporting, and you’ll solve the problem. Alfa 4c climate controls, and it has the big block 1.1 with 54hp, same one as the Panda 4×4.

  6. This sounds like my experience buying a limousine. I bought it as a funny novelty, drove it for a few months, then got sick of it and got rid of it. At the end of the day, it drove more or less like the sedan it was based on with the added inconvenience of being slightly harder to park and with less leg/head room because of the partition, so I just traded it for the regular sedan version of the same car.

  7. There’s one of these running around DC at the moment. It has diplomatic plates on so obviously was brought over by/for embassy staff (not sure which embassy, but it’s one of those in the Van Ness area of town).
    One thing to keep in mind is how much money Doug made from the videos of the A-Class. His first one generated almost 1 million views which probably translates to a few thousand dollars (we don’t know how much exactly due to the numerous factors that go into it), and it’s quite possible this video will also generate a decent amount of income, although probably not as much. Combined, these videos will therefore go some ways to offsetting the cost of importing and improving this vehicle, although my guess is that he’ll still be left with a loss of a few thousand, even after factoring in the “Doug bump” in the auction sale.

    1. @@MichaelEilersWhere did you get that idea? Nobody would be able to afford to live off of YouTube if that were true

    2. @@Matthew28845 no one does without sponsors. Look at the article from last week in the Washington Post about creators and their income. It documented exactly how much they make.

  8. To quote a friend, “Someone had a bad idea and went a long way to prove it.”

    Glad you were able to experience it and get it out of your system for relatively cheep. Ha!

    1. @@pinut187 For a man that buys Carrera GT’s and Countach’s, it’s not a significant amount of money. His service on a Carrera GT is more, by a lot.

  9. Doug is the type of guy to spend 14 grand on an A-Class to find out its not a good car (could’ve just asked anyone outside America)

    1. Everything mechanical was just what you should do on an old car. And not very expensive. But then again he’s never turned a wrench

  10. I come from a city where those were built and everyone here drove them until early 2010s. It was literally the most common car in the entire city. It’s so funny to me that someone would find the A class interesting or quirky 😂

    1. Its probably the equivalent to someone in your country driving around in a recent model Ford F-250 in terms of strangeness.

    2. @@BarnabusWestwood-lk3nf f250 is a beast there’s plenty of valid reasons to own one and even pay extra to get one in a country filled with lil’ dinky hiluxs.

    3. An even better comparison would be someone in your home country being interested in a Chevy Equinox or a mid-2000s Impala. These are everywhere where I live in the states, but have nothing interesting about them

    4. @@criztal6604there isnt lol. You could barely drive and park it here and it cant do anything a sprinter here couldnt also do. There are pretty much no pickups in europe, only vans.

  11. While Doug knows he’s gonna lose his @$$ on this particular sale, he’s smart enough to realize that his honesty will pay off long term. Credibility is important and I think we can all respect that

    1. I don’t think he ever intended to make money on this. He was full of Cars & Bids money so he probably figured it was time to import something weird as a joke and then sell it once the joke had run its course.

  12. I’m extremely glad seeing Doug respond to people in the comments. This is is exactly why I watch him. Not many other will interact with their audience

    1. Lmao, What? Doug is *notorious* for ignoring comments entirely and repeatedly. Even when the comments are good, I barely ever see him respond to anything that is said.

    2. @@moogle68 I’d like to know how many comments a day does he actually get. This one seems to have gotten about a thousand in a day, so probably several times that across all videos…

    3. Only the comments that he deems are “good”. I’ve been watching and commenting for years and have never got a reply

  13. Regardless of your experience with the A-Class, I am delighted to see that you are now in a position to be more comfortable with purchasing a car you want, despite the purchase price and the money spent trying to get it perfect. I feel that you would not have dared to try and get a car like this in the past, so that’s gotta be a good experience 😊

  14. Doug is definitely the only person ever to have purchased an A Class and a Porsche Carerra GT in the same year😂😂

    1. I feel like someone would’ve bought one for their daughter or something in the early 2000s. Still makes Doug special since he bought both for himself. 😀

    2. If you have a super car you also need an everyday car and a small city car. So its not as ridicule as it sounds. I know a Ferrari owner with a Golf.

  15. Honestly should’ve waited for the multipla. That thing is truely bath-salts inspired. The a-class is run-of-the-mill German efficiency.

  16. I appreciate Doug’s unvarnished and self-aware telling of his ownership experience. It reminds me of when I looked seriously at purchasing a Pontiac Aztek a couple of years ago. From the outside it was everything I wanted, but once I got behind the wheel for the test drive, I realized it was every sad GM rental car I drove in the early 2000s.

  17. First of all, hello from Germany 😄

    My grandfather had a a140 Avantgarde (you didn’t mentioned the Avantgarde) and he really loved it. Based on my experience from Europe I can definitely agree that almost everyone disregarded their a-class. But trust me when I said that my grandfather doesn’t fit into this category, he repaired everything, he washed it by hand and so on and so forth. He actually gave me the car when I got my licence and I honestly love it. Maybe I like it that much because it was my first car. When I gave it away 3 months ago it was in a almost perfect condition, no rust, no faults, the only expection was that the sunroof didn’t worked.

    But yeah honestly it is a great first car, it’s small, mine had everything no blank button and it became a legend at school and me and other colleagues Honor it in our graduation book.

    Maybe it’s just the fact that it was my first car, but man I frickin love the a class, I have so many great memories and I truly miss it already.😥

    I would also agree again based on my knowledge of a-class owner, that your a class is the cleanest in the world, great video👍 You brought back some memories

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