Inside California’s $18 Million Invisible Home

We travelled to Joshua Tree National Forest in to take a look at one of the craziest houses we have actually ever seen. The '' is worth $18 million and has actually been remained in by the likes of Lizzo, Demi Lovato, and Diplo.

Sergi tours the incredible house which sits on 90 acres of private land, and comes with a 100-foot heated swimming pool. And yes you can even lease to remain in it just like the celebrities! Let us know what you believe in the comments.

Undetectable Home on Airbnb:

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Inside ’s $18 Million

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    1. I just don’t know why you’d take anything he says seriously – he sounds learning-impaired, with no adult vocabulary.
      “Pretty cool”, “Freaking cool”, “Cool”, “Like, immaculate”, “Awesome”, “Pretty much”, “Very….. immaculate”, “Bespoke – _specifically…_ “; “Bespoke – just for the house..” [?]; “Like a kinda like a Barbie-doll kinda…shower?”; “Alien” – [an obvious bunch of sofas are not, “alien”, to me, but WTF by this point]…….
      When it’s his turn, they should rename the channel, ‘Supercar Dupercar: Duhhhh’.

    1. Also, staging people to act as locals and strangers isn’t a good look. I suppose for rich folks, a truthful travel vlog is not good enough

  1. So an invisible house that can be seen from a mile away due to sunlight reflection.Maybe the word invisible has an alternate defination now?

  2. that is the coldest creepiest house I’ve ever seen. Perfect for someone with OCD 😳 made me think of American Psycho for sure. the color helped

  3. So this channel and blondie have gradually started to expose everything except Super Cars. Pretty cool 😎

  4. A house that cost 18 million but only 3 bedrooms? But hey if you need an extra man to go on these trips I’m always free 😂

  5. Falta Thelma y Louise y las serpientes de cascabel propias de desiertos americanos. Muy chula la casa. El diseño no es complicado. ❤ Minimalismo puro y duro. Lo mejor la piscina interior porque fuera el agua estaría hirviendo. Te falta una guitarra española de palo de santo de Paco de Lucía .

  6. I feel blessed to live next to this place and actually deliver food there a few times its an amazing property very hidden until you get close to it ❤

  7. So basically, this “invisible” house is constructed with the same materials as the average “highly visible” downtown skyscraper.🙄

  8. I feel like the pool would make it so humid. Also I know I’d fall into it all the time haha. I would hate to live somewhere this remote though. Feels.super creepy

    1. picture a writer, wanting the perfect getaway to obtain mindfulness and gain perspective into intrinsic concepts and ideas.

  9. I just Acquired a new House 🇺🇸also receiving $150K bi-weekly profits. Despite all the financial struggles!!

    1. Wow that’s huge, how do you make that much weekly?I’m 34 and have been looking for ways to be successful, please how??

    2. I’ve been quiet about investing in this current market, but at the same time I feel this the best time to make more money because the Government isn’t helping!!!

    3. I was at a seminar and the host Mrs Mary Margaret Schimweg spoke about making over $500k within 3 months with a capital of $50k which I asked how!!? she explained very well to my understanding and she showed me how to go about it..

    4. Wow…I know her too she is a licensed broker and a FINRA agent she is popular in
      US and Canada she is really amazing woman with good skills and experience….

  10. Great house. Love this pool❤great for a party 🥳 🎉 😀 bit far away….what makes the party even better😅👍👍👍

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