Inside Nissan’s Self Parking ARIYA

We got to check out one of the most futuristic lorries to hit the roadways, with its new 100% electric crossover.

The interior is where the ARIYA actually shines with some high tech functions like self-parking, rearview video cameras and big infotainment screens to accompany the sensational exterior.

Gabby got to the automobile in Toronto, Canada and see why it's one of the most spoken about EVs on the marketplace right now. Let us understand what you think!

Thanks to @nissancanada.

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Inside ’s ARIYA

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  1. 4:31 a comfortable trunk is the most important thing, by the way, jeans are so flexible)and the car at first glance is not bad, if the parking system will work correctly, it is a good technology of the future

  2. Ah, Nissan! They are a well-known automobile manufacturer with a wide range of vehicles. Nissan has produced some popular models like the Nissan Altima, Nissan Maxima, and the Nissan Rogue. Their cars are known for their reliability, performance, and innovative features. Whether you’re looking for a sedan, SUV, or even an electric vehicle, Nissan has options to suit different needs and preferences. Have you ever driven or owned a Nissan, King? 🚗😄

    1. Ahh,one group of kids moans the word supra another group moans skyline, Personally I’m not from that climate crisis group or something, you’re a consumer they’re a corporation and corporation runs by rules kid.💀

  3. Your uploads are consistently awesome! Mad respect for your hard work Keep up the fantastic content, you’re outstanding

  4. Very nice presentation Gaby, but let’s be honest. We are heading for a future where 60 to 80 % of the public will not be able to drive because they will never be able to afford all of this technic that will cost $50,000 and ↗↗. Much of which is not really necessary to be mobile and from many will barely be used if at all IMO. We are marching backwards slowly but surely.

  5. Love your uploads!! Can you do a series every month or so interviewing female super car owners and again asking what they do etc. ?💜💜

  6. Great review…thanks for covering so many details! Love this model for its style, power, practicality and price!😊

  7. The details like the laminated glass and rearview mirror/camera are just amazing. And the colour’s gorgeous too. A comfortable, futuristic car.

  8. If Nissan could only put same attention to the design of juke and magnite models. Because these car is actually beautiful.

  9. Greetings from southern Ontario Canada I really enjoyed the video I’m on the waiting list for the vinfast eco model

  10. I always love the Gabby reviewed videos. Keeps the channel young and fresh. One of the more entertaining car reviewers.

  11. Everything is perfect with electric car’s until a cold winter season. Prooved. So, electric car is good as the “second” car in the family.

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