Inside The World’s Most Futuristic Driverless Taxi

This is the world's very first completely self-governing vehicle for ride-hailing produced by . While we were in San Francisco, we needed to go and have a look at the self-governing automobiles that have been selecting people up across the Californian city.

The all-electric fleet of self- cars and trucks works precisely like paid trip hailing apps, minus the chauffeur.

Alex had the ability to see the future of ride-hailing in action, and we can not wait to see innovation like this present to brand-new cities in the future!

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Inside The World's Most Futuristic

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  1. I just read that they don’t go on freeways which could be a problem for a sprawling city like LA. Another problem was the wait time for the ride to come.

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  3. Crazycool tech!👍 I love the idea of it and I’m sure it works well in sunny warm locations.☀ Definitely curious about how well it works in snowy, icy, mountainous places like Vail or Aspen.❄⛰⛷😊

  4. It would be interesting to know what the car would do in a life and death situation. For example, if the passenger has an heart attack, would it automatically take him/her to the nearest hospital or alert paramedics ?

    1. inside u have the cameras so if that happened u can press button for the tech support and tell him that u need hospital, and he can give new coordinate to a car and they will drive u there

    2. @Master Of Crafting As far as cameras and calling tech support are concerned, I figured that out, but the question remains what if the passenger isn’t able to do that on his own due to lack of strength or if he/she just passes out?. Also, in cases of other emergencies, humans are better equipped with common sense as to what can be done rather than just depending on AI for everything. I am not against technology, but sometimes, its best to do something ourselves. 🙂

    3. ​@Bhaaskar Desaithey have cameras inside the car they see you at all times. So I guess they can change your destination and say drive to the hospital or the car will park and support may call an ambulance and give the location of the car to them

    4. It will likely follow the policy similar to Uber or Lyft. Mostly like pull over and alert first responders.

  5. I think it would be pretty cool to add a solar panel on the body of the cars ( except the door or maybe not) it would increase its efficiency on sunny days by a lot and less hassle of charge be the engine hood were made of solar as Most Evs don’t have piston engines that need beefy cooling. It might increase the cost by around 5 to 10 USD, again the user does not own so, so I think it would be good.

    **Google/Waymo add this above feature if you read comments**

    What’s next self-balanced auto bike?

    1. The solar panel would need to be fairly small to not interfere with the tech on the roof making it almost useless when it comes to giving the car extra power. Even a solar panel covering the entire roof might only ammount to an extra 1000 miles a year in more sunny states. Also it would increase the cost by allot more then 5 to 10usd if we are talking about a full size roof solar. It would be thousands not 5 to 10 bucks 😂

  6. I’d be cool with this. The practicalities that require human intervention between rides raise questions, say a passenger leaves the car dirty, stuff being left behind. But I’d ride in it.

  7. I’ve used it in Phoenix a couple times. My advice to everyone, if you’re going to a busy bar or restaurant, go to a nearby, empty location. The vallet was clearly unhappy and it caused chaos in the bar/restaurant parking lot 😂

  8. Those who are behind the technology of the self driving especially waymo are fantastic geniuses..i love what is being Cook

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  10. Supercar Blondie I think you have it right. But if you want to ask me if I would feel safe riding in a waymo? Yes I would! And the reason why I say this is because I’m legally blind in 1 eye. And I do believe that it will get me to where I need to go safely without being assaulted or robbed on my way out!

  11. Self autonomous cars are the future Because somebody is sick and no ones there to help self autonomous cars can go to the hospital or emergency situations anywhere else , I love them so much

  12. I would try this in a heartbeat. Once i’m in San Francisco mid 2024 i will use Waymo and i can’t wait to see it for myself!

  13. I ride Waymo weekly! It’s incredible, safe, smooth… I don’t think I’ve ordered an Uber in months. It’s a shame but I 100% agree with SCB – the human element of ride share is often the worst/scariest one 🙁

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