Installing REAR SEATS In My 911 GT3!

I make my 992 generation GT3 a bit more useful, by setting up rear seats!

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Installing REAR SEATS In My 911 GT3!

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  1. The purists and road record hunters might get mad but it’s a little sacrifice for a big reward of getting to use it more.

  2. I think it’s a great idea as I spent lots of car trips and holidays in my 911 with my daughter in the back until she grew too big to sit in the back at the age of 13 , but it meant the car was used lots more

  3. This is such an awesome mod. I wish porsche offered a back seat option on gt3s but this is definitely the next best option. Having backseats on a 911 just adds so much more breadth of ability to these cars

    1. Goes completely against the ethos of a gt3, to be stripped out and driver focused. Back seats don’t make any sense in that case

    2. Better take out the passenger seat then.
      I think it’s quite stupid to have a cabin as large as a 911 and not use 75% of it​, it’s a porsche 911 not a BAC mono @@Matthew-ll9ke

    3. @@chrisogrady28 75% of it? Have you seen the size of the back of a 911? They’re really not that big. If you want back seats then don’t buy a gt3, simple

  4. A small piece of advice, if you are planning to only take your daughter on trips where you have your wife also, i would say it would be more practical to move your daughters seat behind your seat so that when your wife is in the front seat she can have easier access to your daughter. It would also mean that if your wife chose to move to the back seat for some reason to be closer to your daughter you will be able to move the front (co-driver) seat all the way up and give her more space in the back.

    1. I don’t know why anyone would order these without rear seats. The weight saving is not worth the compromise on practicality and usability. You just demonstrated that.

    2. ​@@AlexSami-qw4qubecause Porsche don’t sell the GT3 with rear seats

      It’s a properly focused drivers car to the point of virtually being a track car (more so than earlier versions)

  5. The content has been absolutely brilliant especially with the GT3 and CS. Keep up the brilliant work with the channel and the podcast 👏

  6. As the proud dad of a daughter that’s about the same age, loving this!
    Have a retrofit-set for a 3-point-harness for my 944 lying around as well, but it can wait until I’m comfortable having her in a car facing forward (and in a car this old 🙈).

  7. Always remember hearing Chris Harris saying the reason you couldnt put rear seats in a GT3 was because the fixed carbon buckets hadn’t been homoligated for rear impacts from rear passengers. But obv this is no issue for your car witht he comfort seat, fantastic mod and the Pasha baby seat is epic lol.

    1. @@h2wr Those are the folding buckets, which are homologated as they’re designed for rear access. Oddly Porsche doesn’t offer them on the 992.

    2. @@timoldlandI have a 991.2 Turbo S with the folding carbon bucket seats which are great for putting stuff in the back and the occasional passenger. Don’t understand why Porsche have now made the bucket seats unfoldable ???

  8. Undoubtedly the highlight of this mod is the Pasha baby seat. It looks 🔥! Congrats Sam! Many happy miles with your wife and baby daughter!!

  9. The upright position for the standard rear seat is essential for rear end impact.
    Sitting back , is a launching pad for the rear window in the event of a rear shunt .
    Just putting that out there ….. be careful Sam 😊

  10. Love the fact you keep this great intro with the chill music. Very cool seats, good to know for my baby, now I need the GT3, car goal

  11. Just listening to the pod and want to say the back seats look brilliant! As a dad that takes his 9yo son on adventures in a 1966 Land Rover, a 1972 TR6, and a 2012 Porsche Cayman; I think it was a perfect idea!

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