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  1. I truly love this car but let’s face it. When this car hits the lots it’s gonna have a crazy markup

    1. @Jema It gets better. My friend went to check it out in the show room while waiting for his car’s oil change, and when he walked up to the Type S, the sales manager locked it from their desk so my friend couldn’t sit inside it… Not only will they be outrageously marked up, but you’re gonna have dealers treating them like a Bugatti.

  2. Problem is nobody who actually enjoyed an old school integra is buying one of these. I know I can’t afford it, crazy markup. Wish I still had my 91’ integra, best $900 spent. Lasted me 3 hard years, took countless clutch dumps with that all or nothing cable, 250k plus on stock everything but axles. Wish I was old enough to appreciate it when I had it. Better to drive a slow car fast…

    1. @Patrick CarrLol are people’s paychecks going with inflation as well? I don’t think so, so that’s irrelevant at this point.

  3. Sport plus drive mode? My man got so excited by the end he was in puberty mode. 🤣#atribute

  4. so you’re telling me for 50 grand, I can have a cookie cutter sedan with an “S” badge and a yellow digital tach needle. OMG

    1. Definitely a big step above the normal integra in the looks/ engine department. I’d still rather have a Corolla gr

  5. I’d rather buy the last ten type r or the new Nissan Z. It’s probably around the same amount but you get a 400hp engine and in my opinion looks amazing

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