Is Scotto a Hoarder? Judge for yourself! (DTB 028)

One guy's garbage is Scotto's treasure, but Big Rich has had enough and is finally asking "What's that trash?" If you've been around a while you may acknowledge or Rail Vehicle, however what the hell is the non-functional The Quick & the Furious game cabinet for? View Scotto scramble to pull excuses out of his butt in actual time!

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– Gas tank off the cars and truck Son-uva-Digger squashed

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Is Scotto a Hoarder? Judge for yourself! (DTB 028)

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    1. Instead of a dragon hoarding a pile of gemstones it’ll be a dragon on a pile of trash, I love it

    2. Only if “Rail Car” is on it, in it’s current form shitty box and all…the fucking thing is more Ikea than the Euro cars you have Scotto…lol

    3. The shirt needs to be the equivalent of the hoonigan over stencil. But instead of having stacked stencils it should be all of Scottos stuff. Like death row line up with container cars on top followed by the furniture on top of that then dragon Scotto flying in the background clutching rail car parts.

  1. He can only be help when he admit he has a problem. Brian’s car are really cool. Would be really nice to see him enjoy them.

    1. Will never happen, he’s surrounded by enablers lmao. They all have the same problem as all of us… we just dont have the space Brian has lol.

    1. Fix it, clean it, and use it another 50 years, not everything but a lot of old appliances were overbuilt and last a long time with minimal maintenance

  2. You have to admire Brian for still believing RailCar will ever run even tho it’s just gotten less and less assembled through the years.

    1. @Hoonigan Bonus Just lock Scotto and the parts in one of the bays, and don’t let him out until it runs and moves.

    2. Eventually it will be a pile of metal dust on the ground with caution tape around it and Brian will argue with cleaning crew for trying to sweep it up

  3. So yes, Scotto is a hoarder, but at least he’s got a plan for every piece, plus some of that stuff has legit hoonigan history attached. Never change Scotto

    1. I fucking live for these Scotto episodes. He has the exact same childish enthusiasm as we all “collectors” (hoarders) do. Also this makes my trash collection look like something sensible and doable.

  4. The difference between a hoarder and a collector is that a hoarder does not know or remember what they have, a collector does, therefore:
    Scotto is a Collector, not a hoarder.

  5. You guys owe me a keyboard for the unexpected tortoise clip. My keyboard is now swimming in Coke Zero thanks to that scene.

  6. This episode should been an hour long, its nice to hear about Scotto’s dreams, I can relate to that.

  7. I still wanna see that van built. The merch van wound up being so damn much work anyway, and I think this van looks cooler anyway.

  8. Can’t Scotto just get the business to build these cars? In all seriousness I think most of us would love to see more of Scotto’s car’s build content, get Suppy, Grim etc to make video series of them.

    Win-win; Scooto gets his cars, the brand gets loads of content and advertising revenue

  9. “The rails are at the other end or else it might build itself”
    Sounds like a great reason to store them together because its the only way it will end up built xD

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