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    1. โ€‹@Johnhe’s literally saying it’s overused. U completely missed the point ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

    2. โ€‹@Pierce Lawless Not really because it’s been called a supercar since the early 90s. So what is the ‘nowadays’ comment Even about? Even back then the Ferrari 348 produced 296hp, the 911 had 248hp of the same era. All of which carry the supercar name. Back when the car was first made it was given a supercar name tag. So the ‘Nowadays’ comment is irrelevant. It’s not like Doug Demuro is the first person to call it as such. It competed directly against supercars and in many circumstances were better. In fact it changed how supercars were made and made Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini etc up their game.

      It’s like saying Leonardo Da Vinci isn’t an artist, just a very good drawer because nowadays there are better artists. He’s still an artist and the NSX is still a supercar

  1. Iโ€™d love to see a 2006-2008 Porsche Cayman base model even or S and of course the R version go up against the NSX. Iโ€™d predict that would be close and the NSX should come back to even rival them

  2. Hey, Doug Demuro. You should review the “Bright Idea” hybrid delivery van, that Legit Street Cars is rebuilding

  3. The manual in those are by far the best I’ve ever driven. The front end feel of them is still unmatched.

    1. Manuals in most hondas are some of the best feeling transmissions of any manufacturer. My 95 Acura GS-R along with my 97 Prelude were some of the smoothest 5spd’s ive driven even till this day.

    2. I drove my buddies 1996 NSX and that manual was so good and to me when I had a 2002 Yellow S2000 that was incredible and a toss up between the two

    3. @Malaki Sandsย  I’ve been lucky enough to drive a 92 on the track (zero electronics, power steering etc) and a 2002 on a mountain road for a comparison review I did. It was incredible at how quickly I felt comfortable with the clutch and shifts. Usually you’ll have to get the friction zone felt out and then how the shifter moves…. not the case with the nsx.

    4. You don’t even need to know how to drive a manual to drive a manual Honda. It’s just that good

    5. The NSX was amazing to drive.

      No wonder they were $80-90,000 when the production run ended. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. That’s a big statement man.. but if I were to trust someone’s word on a car it’d be this guy

  5. I think you should remember THIS! was the time where the 911 made just over 300 hp looking at the 996. The fact is they built it to fight the Ferrari 340, then the 350 came out but NSX slayed them both

    1. It’s similar to Nissan GTR in that sense, the car is still fast in today’s crazy world after 10years since it’s initial release

  6. Doug is the type of guy to ask a question in the title of his short video and then reply to his own question with an ‘I don’t know’ in the short video itself

  7. When the NSX came out, 280 hp was not too far off what the Ferrari 348 had. The Ferrari 348 at the time had 300 horsepower with cat and 310-something without cat, but was also ~200 lbs heavier. Honda made this car until fall of 2005, at that time the Ferrari F430 was already out with 500 horsepower, but even the Ferrari 360 already had ~400 hp and came out in 1999. The engine power was good when the car came out in 1990, but they should have increased it by more than just 10 hp over the 15 year production run to stay competitive. The NSX-R still managed to match the Ferrari 360 around most race tracks despite being severely down on power, but the NSX-R also has received aggressive weight reduction (no A/C, lightweight windows, kevlar seats, reduced insulation, no power steering), which almost eliminated the daily drivability as its main advantage over the competition. I guess people who wanted a daily driver supercar after the NSX was canceled just bought the Audi R8 instead (which came out only 1 year after the NSX was canceled by the way).

  8. Without a doubt, it is. Sure 290 hp is definitely underpowered for 2005, but remember that came out in way back in 1990. Its competition, the Ferrari 348, had at least a 30hp advantage, and yet the NSX (which, back then, had only 270 hp) was still faster and better to drive.

    More impressive was the fact that the 348 wasn’t even its intended competition. The NSX was actually supposed to compete with the 348’s predecessor, the 328 (which, just like the NSX had a power output of 270 hp). Had it been developed more quickly and released before the 348, the 328 would’ve stood no chance and Ferrari probably would’ve been forced to put more time into the 328 successor’s development.

    With all that considered, I find myself questioning how some people still think it isn’t a supercar.

    1. Supercar for 1990, but towards the late 90s, they should of used a turbocharger to compete with everything else out at the time. By 2005, the power ‘s really just at sports car level, but handling would match the supercars.

  9. I went to a huge NSX meetup a month or so ago. I saw so many different nsxโ€™s old and new. Been the daily driver of my dreams since I was 5

  10. To me, the greatest cars are the drivers cars. The love of spirited driving is why I love cars.

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