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  1. Doug is the type of guy to think he will beat a bugatti or konigsegg in his pilot with sport mode

  2. No, that’s not MY question.
    My QUESTIONS are :
    1. Is it practical?
    2. Is it reliable?
    3. Is it a good handler with good ride quality?
    4. Is it tough enough to be taken off the beaten path once in a while?
    5. Is it cheap to maintain?
    6. Is it easy on the pocket?
    7. Is it good enough for the long distance haul?
    8. Is it any better in looks than the competitors?
    9. Is it a better deal in terms of cost than the competitors?
    10. Is it the any good when it comes to the seats, leg space, head space and luggage space?
    The Honda Pilot is targeted at the family, not the driver. And it competes with MPVs, all of which are certainly no fun at all!
    You can’t use a Landcruiser to bench mark all Japanese full size SUVs. Just as you can’t use an Escalade to bench mark all American SUVs. And you certainly can’t use a Lamborghini Urus Or an Aston Martin DBX to bench mark all SUVs.

  3. Honda is just everywhere they do everything and deserve the credit lol from lawn mowers to Red Bull’s winning F1 engine they do it all😅

  4. Same reason why my dad bought another Honda minivan. “It’s practical and the hauling capacity”

    Because of all the hauling he never does

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