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  1. Doug is the type of guy to roll down the window in the Countach and stick his head out to reverse easier.

  2. THIS is Doug. And he’s just plain cool. Don’t leave your glovebox unlocked, he might steal your owner’s manual!

  3. Please never stop being who you are Doug. We love you are here for you. YOU ARE JUST PLAIN COOL!!!

  4. What makes the Countach the coolest car is that when they were new there was nothing comparable to it styling wise. Except maybe the Pantera. Today we have a dozen uber cars that each has something eye-catching.

  5. Top gear did a great piece on this car. They stated that at the factory the staff would sit on the door jam, hanging out of the car so they could fully see behind them. Love this car! I’d love to own one one day

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