JACKPOT: 90,000sqft of Barn Find Heaven – Muscle Cars, Trucks, & more | Barn Find Hunter

== Contact harkeyfarm@yahoo.com for any inquiries about the cars and trucks ==.

90,000 sqft or 6 barns loaded with dusty, rusty, forgotten treasures from years of collecting. Among others, GTOs, Caprices, Firebirds, Blazers, , Trucks, Jeeps, Broncos, and some pre-war cars. Everything is for sale and whatever should go. Message e-mail above, severe questions only.

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JACKPOT: 90,000sqft of Barn Find Heaven – Muscle Cars, Trucks, & more | Barn Find Hunter

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  1. I love the fact that this gentleman is living with these cars, I’d do the same thing. A real passion. I can completely relate. Condolences for your wife.

  2. I feel that guys like this usually want all the money for their cars, this guy seems to be very realistic on what he wants to sell everything for. It seems there’s a lot of good deals to be had here honestly

    1. If it’s a real 964 turbo slant it’s extremely rare. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen one in the states it was always Germany 250k car if real and lower mileage. Probably more

    1. I disagree…unless you see the glass as half full…just getting air in tires if they hold..and getting on a trailer will already have you investing 4 hours…think about it

    2. @@mexicanspec You need to learn to listen my guy! He said 5 grand, and it’s not half of a 1972 Suburban ’cause he literally said he has the whole front end AND the engine!

  3. Seems like the kind of guy you could listen to stories all night long over a few beers. He’s had an interesting life.

  4. I used to get super excited for the cars (and I still do), but admittedly the older I get the more excited I get about the barn they’re in than what’s in it.

  5. Nice guy with nicer prices. He’s a breath of fresh air after countless videos of pie in the sky dreamers.

    1. @@kentilly6160 The dirt and the tires aren’t hurting anything from a preservation standpoint. The rain and weather was kept off the cars, that’s the important bits!

  6. I agree with you on the fact these people have saved these cars from being crushed years or decades ago but to contradict you 9 out of 10 of these hoarders won’t sell anything then when they pass someone else comes into the picture that doesn’t care and or know anything about them and scraps them anyways. If the original hoarder would start selling them off now that they’re worth more money and they’re still alive keeping a couple of their favorites they could use that money to restore and/or maintain those cars and actually enjoy the fruits of they’re labor. I think that’s what most people have a problem with and its happened time and time again that the car world ends up losing those vehicles anyways.Cudos for this gentleman for offering to sell these at legitimate prices while he’s still with us.

  7. He really is saving them. Every good panel, fender, etc. They are all waiting for the right person who is going to be overjoyed that that one model they have been searching for,for years is there.
    For real, thank you for all the work, time and money it must have taken to hold onto all those once great and awaiting greatness vehicles.

  8. one day this man will no longer be here, but his stories will be living on because of you guys. Great feature, awesome guy.

  9. Tom put into my head the phrase “preservation, not restoration”, which is something I’d not thought fully through. I now apply his philosophy to my untouched ’63 C20, while my definitely-not-original ’66 F100 gets everything it needs to stay relevant and roadworthy, doing its day job ❤ I watch these videos and try to decide which route I would go with each and every one.

  10. From the UK, I’ve watched every of Tom’s Barn Find videos. His enthusiasm and ability to find great gentleman like James with the same love of cars. Hope he is able to move them on and the new owners can get them back on the road. Great stuff Tom, keep your videos coming. …..!

  11. James, thank you for saving these cars. Even though you havent restored em you put 15- 20 years on there lives for others to fix/ restore.

  12. You’re spot on the cars are being held from the scrapman, giving someone the chance to fulfil their dream. It’s not reasonable to expect 1 person to restore all the cars in the world, but if they have space and sense they can pay it forward. Well done sir I salute you.

  13. I watched this episode twice, the gentleman was so Genuine it touched me! The cars were cool and i get the feeling there was a lot more!?

  14. He needs to hire a couple young kids in his area to wash all these collectibles and help him with organizing.

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