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    1. Been using Factor meals since my wife was diagnosed with Leukemia one year ago. She’s all better now but the convenience and taste of the meals keeps us ordering them.

  1. I had a 76 Renegade with a 304 three speed, no power steering or brakes. It had lowback seats and no carpet, but had a back seat.

    1. I am with you. Base model. I see less of them around. P/S and EFI for sure. Yes…l am getting old to. Wow…have not heard the Jim Alle name in years.

    2. I agree, power steering and brakes. Think I’d keep the wheels and tires that are on it, or similar. The original steelies don’t do it for me.

  2. I would take it back to base. I purchased a new 1983 Jeep CJ 7 , 258 6 cyl, 5 speed, hardtop with PS but no PB. Keep it 4 years. It is the only vehicle I ever regretted selling, still have all of the original paperwork. Keep us posted.

    1. Good Saturday Morning Dennis n Coffee Çrew from the home of the Jeep. Toledo,Ohio. Outstanding find. AND yes hard to find thàt rust free. Especially here in the rust belt. I found a 77 Renegade CJ5 back in 1980. It came with a blonde that was on the water polo team at Ohio State. We sold it to buy an 84 full size Bronco when we started. I replaced it in 96 after kid #5 with an 78 5..that is in our restoration rotation…Keep up the great content… You can go back home it is just stupid expensive….Emmy

    2. Keeping the paperwork makes the car less desirable to the next person. It’s like the spare key hoarders. But when I get a car with both spare keys and paperwork with it, I seem to respect it more. I’ve gone through a few cars this year alone just like that. 1 key, no owners manual, tool kit missing from trunk. Just made me want to get rid of them even quicker

  3. You always find the good ones… or they find you! Great Jeep. I’d like to see more updates of past buys and projects in progress at the shop. I know you guys are busy, just always like to see the follow ups. Thanks for what you do.

  4. Thanks for another good episode. We all appreciate your hard work and the whole team’s efforts every week to give us these video’s. I think it would be cool to keep the Jeep as a base model.

  5. Dennis. NASA has a bunch of vintage vehicles that they keep around, rotting and such. See if you can nab a few.

  6. Nice find,
    Good video,
    I got a kick out of the owner pointing a few upgrades,
    ” And that’s it Dennis”
    Then proceeds to say it 4 or 5 more times.
    Nice guy though, just caught my ear.

  7. I’d leave it as a base model-they’re not seen very often and usually get customized with oversize tires,lift kits.Nice to see one like this.

  8. My 83 is also a base model with 6 cyl, T4, low back buckets and power steering from factory. 11,000 mile RED survivor. And it’s a Scrambler. 😊

  9. Keep it original. My great uncle had a Army surplus jeep from long ago and he only used it to go over a little crick bridge, that’s what we called it(crick) to go out in the woods two doors down from where I grew up. Always ran and garage kept. He’s been gone now since the 70s. Loved that jeep and our little bridge that my Great Uncle built.

  10. Given a vote, I vote for going the “Base / original” route. My CJ5 was pure stock with plain white wheels and every time I look at old pictures of that Jeep it still looks just as perfect, just as functional, just a pretty in it’s own way as ever. And truth is, you don’t see very many good ‘ol plain Jeeps on the road. Every one seems to be decaled up or jacked up, or something. This baby is perfect for being what it was to begin with.

  11. For the Dallas-Fort Worth locals: Jim Allee was a dealer in Dallas for a couple of decades and he sold Jeep, Honda, Oldsmobile and Volkswagen. He died in 1983. His widow, Henri Allee, took over running the dealerships with her son Rusty Wallis. Later, the remaining dealerships were renamed Rusty Wallis in the late 90s and they are still there on IH-635 in Garland.

    1. I remember those days. Back in 2000 when I was just a sophomore, I went up to Rusty Wallis (lived in Rowlett at the time) to test drive the then New, Civic SI in electron blue. I had a great salesman that let me take it down Northwest Hwy at high speed. Those were the good ole days!

  12. Dennis always treats everyone with such respect. He is always so very friendly too. As the Bible says to have friends you must be friendly.

  13. I got my CJ5 when I was 16, which was 34 years ago. It was my daily driver in high school. Nothing wrong with Jeeps for young people. It made me a better driver because I had to learn the limits of the vehicle.

  14. Another vote for taking it back to base. I love seeing the base models. The every-man stripped ones that caught the eye of the buyer who said “I don’t need all that, just four wheel drive”. Fun to see.

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