Jeep XJ 4.6L stroker engine final assembly | Redline Update #122

The change is total. The exhausted old 4.0 L straight-6 engine out of our 1993 (XJ) is now a 4.6 L stroker. Davin wraps up assembly on the task. Simply one more step remains … getting it back in the Jeep and driving down the road!

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final assembly | Redline Update #122

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  1. I can’t wait to hear this engine rumble! Great work Davin, keep it up. Thanks for sharing these tips and tricks even though they are “sponsored”!

    1. Right as most of us would rather fix whatever we did wrong with the engine out of the vehicle, not after installation!

  2. Awesome as always! Little suggestion for a later episode: Why not do an Honda N600 engine, aircooled twin cylinder inspired from a motorcycle. The N600 was the first car Honda sold in the USA. Keep up the good work!

  3. The engine setup up looks incredible! I can’t wait to hear this torque monster fire up! I have always enjoyed all of y’all’s videos.

  4. Outstanding. Looking sharp. Jealous of you being able to run the oil pump without having to turn the crank!

  5. The toughest of the tough, those inline AMC/Jeep engines – and this one is probably one of the prettiest
    (yes *Davin* , I said pretty 🙂 ) I’ve ever seen.
    I can’t figure out why the build is dragging out so much on it, though – shorter episodes this time seems like?
    Then it occurred to me that perhaps having an official sponsor might have something to do with it?
    No matter, we’ll take our *Davin* any way we can get him.
    *Best show on Hagerty!*
    – Ed on the Ridge

  6. Super kanał aż miło się ogląda jak składasz te silniki jest moc pozdrowienia z Polski😉👍

  7. Those 4.0L engines are torque monsters stock in the Grands at 4.6 and a nicely balanced rebuild it’ll challenge many V8s.
    Nice rebuild Davin. Cheers 🇨🇦

  8. Loving this build!! Making me think my ’93 2-door XJ Sport needs a similar upgrade when the time comes. Only 156K on it so far, and it purrs along well for now. But in the future……….

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