Jeep XJ project nears completion! (Plus an update on an old project!)

We're so close! The freshly reconstruct 4.6 L goes back into our 1993 (XJ) along with a newly restore 5-speed transmission thanks to our friends at Davin buttons up the drivetrain, exhaust system and talks a bit about how things were a bit various for us this time around with this Jeep having fuel injection, AC, and various emissions-related products. PERK: Davin provides a fast update on our vintage Ford dirt track race car!

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Jeep XJ project nears completion! (Plus an update on an old project!)

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  1. MY rock auto tip of the day is take pictures and label stuff, don’t rely on the bends in the wire to tell you where things go on re-assembly

    1. I usually put all the bolts/nuts from a particular part of the engine in it’s own Tupperware tray or now that I rarely do this anymore and no longer have all the old trays, put them in labeled zip lock baggies…. I agree on the photographs big time!!!! Especially if this is your first time on a new (to you) vehicle.

    2. I labeled and numbered all the fuel injector connectors when I did the 4-hole upgrade and changed my rail, but STILL somehow managed to get the #1 and #2 cylinders swapped around!

      Paid a shop $100 to “diagnose”….. Talk about feeling *doink’d*!

    3. A set of paint markers cannot be undervalued when it comes to work like that. Stripes of different colors and combos across components and connections make it basically impossible to screw up. Leave the marks when you’re done or spend a few minutes with some acetone and clean them off.

    4. @The Broken Life It is also great for telling you when you torque bolts. This is extra important when bolts need more than one torque step. It is a good reason for multiple colors.

  2. Fantastic Watching i have one that I’m working on great Can wait will see the next addition thank you

  3. Very nice
    I kinda wish you’d show more of the assembly. The time lapse is neat i guess but 8 minute video kinda sucks.

  4. Great job on the engine.
    Might be a good idea to fix the front door hinges and fix the window assemblies because I am hearing rattles from both.
    The door hinges are a weak point on that body style.

    1. There’s a spot on the driver’s side door that was fixed poorly that we will need to address at some point!

  5. “Get out in the shop and get your work done!” Ouch!!!!! I have to buy and install new batteries on the backup electrical generator, and the Jeep YJ, then clean the garage. Things are stacked deep from tools, paint, leftover electrical parts, etc. from a Bathroom remodel that has about one day’s worth of work to finish off…. Ouch! Busy day!!!!

  6. She looks and sounds great! I like the wheel and tire you chose too. Clean clean clean like my 98 it’s nice to see them like that. Driveline is a little bit crusty but meh, that stuff can easily be cleaned up, mines like that too lol.

    On some factory vehicles the wiring trains itself to be in certain places and for the most part, on these things they have their own routes and places to go. You can almost NOT put a wire in the wrong spot on these since the plugs wouldn’t match or the routing won’t reach or there would be way too much slack. These ones are pretty much fool proof.

    A lot of newer cars are like this but I do find if I had to mark wiring it’s on older cars like early 80’s and older, since they like to have ‘bushels’ of wires coming from the same spot with similar plugs. I’d get the tape and markers out for those.

  7. Even though the header is coated or whatever, that 4.0L motor still needs the DEI heat wrap kit for the fuel injectors and rail, in the WORST of ways…..

    Trust me.

  8. Oh no… a stock exhaust manifold. 🤦‍♂

    Unfortunately, you’re probably going to be back in there before long to change it. It’s probably the most well known flaw of that era of 4.0.

  9. These are easy to upgrade. v8 zj steering is a good upgrade, same if you want a thicker sway bar. 97 plus brake booster/ master cylinder is another upgrade. zj or liberty rear disk brakes. WJ front knuckles and Brakes. 97 plus chrysler 8.25 is 29 spline axles. All bolt in stuff.

    1. Sweet, I didn’t realize those would bolt right up. I knew about the bits and pieces that the stroker took.

  10. I am sure the owner of that Jeep is going to get so much satisfaction from your expert build. I bet David is going to want one too.

  11. I have a 91 XJ limited that needs professional work done to it. Hagerty??? LOL.. Loving this Jeep build.

  12. Davin you missed your “automotive related TV show moment” by acting freaked out that the parts didn’t come in yet and SEMA is Thursday”!
    Jeep is really nice, I was interested for a while in going 4.6L for my old 4.0L TJ. Going to be great to hear the Cherokee’s new heart beat out inline fury! Cheers y’all!

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