Jeep XJ time-lapse engine rebuild, 4.0L STROKED to 4.6L | Redline Rebuild

Our 1993 needed its tired engine rebuilt, so we figured why not give it a good upgrade while we're at it? Of course, we would not miss the opportunity to shoot video of every action along the method and strike you with another incredible addition to our Redline Rebuild series! With help from our good friends at, we source a crankshaft and pistons from a various Jeep engine (4.2 L) and stroke this XJ's famous 4.0 L straight-6 AMC engine to a slightly more powerful and torquey 4.6 L.

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, 4.0L STROKED to 4.6L | Redline Rebuild

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  1. Been waiting for a Redline Rebuild of the Jeep 4.0 for some time and it’s definitely well worth it!

    As always, I enjoyed the video so much. Keep up the great work!

  2. For what they were designed to do, they’re wonderful engines. Much like the Chrysler Slant 6, they just run
    forever without much fuss – and now this particular one has been fortified with vitamins and iron!
    Very enjoyable as always *Davin* – can’t wait to see what you tackle next.
    – Ed on the Ridge

  3. It is a fascinating case study of an engine; thanks for taking on this project. For all of the prestige and allure of the American V8, there is not much more-American motor than a Jeep Six-Cylinder

  4. Awesome! Reminds me of the much less technical re-build I helped my Dad with on a 1988 Cherokee when I was 8 years old. Priceless memory and thank you for the reminder!

  5. I just love Cherokees. It’s such a shame that they are relatively rare in Germany and hence pretty expensive.

    Awesome built!

  6. That’s an incredible time lapsed video or an engine rebuild. I’ve never seen anything like tat showing ALL the work that goes into it, WOW!! I had No idea. I’m so amazed!!!

  7. This is the best team, best channel, best everything to keep me working hard and do my best at the garage. Old School rules, passion for what we do, I think its a way of life just for a few. Congrats, and keep doing this amazing time lapse. Hugs and peace. Frank.

  8. With everything being upgraded and redone what kind of power will the Jeep be making now? amazing video by the way.

  9. Love these time-lapse videos. Lots of cool production value here. That Jeep sounds pretty mean, too.

  10. Awesome!!!! Better than I expected! Sounds throaty!! I was wondering, Davin, what year crankshaft did you use for the stroker upgrade? You should be able to use a 4.2 crankshaft from the 87-90 4.2 and it should be a direct fit.
    Oh. And edlelbrock makes a aluminum cylinder head for that also. And they do make aftermarket roller rocker.
    That is a clean looking XJ!

  11. Cameraman, you always manage to work in a new kind of shot, stylistically. Your stuff never gets old.

  12. In my 4-5 years of viewing countless rebuild videos, I’ve not yet watched one that was this fun to watch.

    1. It doesn’t matter which vehicle manufacturer you prefer, these are all great. Even the six cylinders are just as much fun to watch.

  13. Oh man I love this! I love the fresh 4.0 I have in my jeep, but I do wish I went for a stroker sometimes

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