John Cena’s RARE Range Rover – John Cena: Auto Geek

Have A Look At John Cena's , sport high-end at its finest. This luxury off-road lorry is the diamond of .
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John Cena's RARE Range Rover – John Cena: Auto Geek

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  1. AWESOME RANGE ROVER MAN…..Hats off to your collection…waiting for more brother..keep them coming and plz NIKKI be your assistant standing next to you just showing of the cars…that would be bonus…

    1. Patricia Morgan i don’t think so. Bcuz then he won’t put videos in Total Bellas chanell, but just reclamed ir in Nickoles and Brie’s chanel

  2. This car is also incredible due to an automatic voice talking to the viewers at a given time as well as the doors automatically opening

  3. You know what? The British Top Gear has been struggling to find a good show host. I wouldn’t mind Cena hosting it tbh.

  4. You know that it’s a rare car when the doors open themselves and there’s two floating champagne glasses inside…

    1. Well, Tesla does open the doors automatically.

      Put metal at the bottom of the glasses and turn the magnet upside down.


  5. Compared to all the other videos, you can just tell how excited he was in this one. Looked like a little kid showing off his favorite toy, so cool to see Cena get this excited haha

  6. Damn boy, I am a Range Rover fan. I just love they way they look. But this one is a bad boy. I didn’t know that this ‘ultimate’ series existed. Love the equipments that it comes with. The ‘Teak’ wood in the truck is so delicate that I won’t be able to drop my stuff on it. And finally the best of the video was the 4 seats and not 5. It looks so much better and much more comfy. Hopefully one day I’ll look to buy one of this.

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