Kia vs aiK #SpaceRace — It Gets Weird (DTB 024)

possibly some wheels will fix the issue–.

. Diego Figueroa. These men own KIAS. And today, they will GO, due to the fact that they WAN NA. This beef returns tens of minutes and it ends NOW, in a in the . And IT. GETS. WEIRD.

Benefit 024 – A mix of Daily Transmission and Tangents in one show.

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vs aiK #SpaceRace — It Gets Weird (DTB 024)

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  1. I’m sure everyone that drives a basic daily driver (we drivin a 50th anniversary Corolla small flex😂💀) like the common man would like to see who’s basic car is better then that’s the new water cooler debate.

    1. It’s not lifter tick it’s the high pressure fuel pump for the gdi. It has a square lobe on the cam it rides on.

  2. This episode was a fever dream that’s been shotgunning warm Monsters in the back of Grimm’s car.

    Aces content 😂 more please

  3. Honestly this is just as interesting as this vs that, it’s the low effort scumbaggery that does it

    1. Not going to lie. Wanted a 4th run since there was no chase. Also, kind of expected more than a shirt to come off. Maybe next time flagger has to de-shirt as well. 😂

  4. As a detailer i can confirm all cars with that type of fabric seats come from the factory stained 😂

  5. Forget everything else. This is the best thing you’ve ever done. No more Hoonicorn. No more This vs That. No more endless Scotto projects. Hoonigan is now strictly Diego content.

    1. We don’t need only Diego, we need another hoonigan channel that’s just all the shitboxes of hoonigan

  6. I haven’t laughed at an episode this hard since the first couple DT OG Episodes 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. I took a bite of ice cream right as he reversed into that crate and I’m pretty sure it came out my nose laughing. Hoonigan videos are a sinus menace.

  8. This might be the single funniest episode of anything you guys have ever made, except maybe Hert losing his hood.

  9. You lead with the punchline but I was still hooked. I LOVE this content. Give us the stupid shenanigans on the side any day of the week. Without this video, I’d never known that Diego is a fucking G. Love me some Grim, but Diego won this round. Can we see a competition show between Diego and Grim? Random games or tasks, who does it better, faster, etc?

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