Kris Wu’s Rare Car Collection: Noisey Raps

Noisey catches up with sensation in to check out his uncommon cars and truck collection before heading to the studio to finish up his Signboard charting debut album ..

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About the Author: RareCars


    1. How the FOOK does someone ‘Financially spend’ money?
      That’s like ‘Gastronomically eating’ something!!!
      Read a book kids…..😂😂😂

    2. @Lunch Box
      Lol u don’t get the point “financially spend” becuz most of this car will still be very rare in the past few years and will go up in value that’s what the op means

    3. @Cole Holden
      Lol the skyline can cost up to 230k…. Enough to buy a lambo
      “all of those cars combined probably dont cost as much as a lambo”


    1. You earn their respect by building your own car. Being a great driver. Having deep car knowledge. Etc. You don’t earn it by buying cars lol. In every industry or community it’s the exact same thing. Name a community and I’ll give you an example. You can buy entry with $. But not respect. Respect is earned through skill sets, knowledge, and relevant history. People that buy entry are even frowned upon. I never understand how people are so delusional.

    2. @Tom lee and what about the people who buy these to collect them? Theyre not car enthusiasts? Lmao Ive been in this scene for a while and anyone dont matter the knowledge of cars they have can become a car enthusiasts.

    3. @Mike The Boss exactly, dude want you naming every spec and crevices of a vehicle like you taking a 5 course at UTI. Is not that serious to be a car guy.

  1. Wow it’s really nice to see a rapper who actually knows about the dope cars he’s driving. And while everyone’s modern luxury/super cars depreciate in value as soon as they drive them off the lot, these JDM legends will continue to increase in demand and value. Hell of a car collection my dude, respect.

    1. @Mike The Boss you don’t? Rich is subjective, but always comes back to wealth. You can’t buy all these cars working at McDonald’s bro. Be real.

    1. People hate japanese cars cuz they can only see tail lights everytime it passes them😂😅jdm cars are made for speed american cars (most of them) are made for luxury

    1. Keller Racing I’m not sure if he actually knows what’s in that supra, he pretty much just said it’s was a 2jz and it was running on e85

    2. @Mitchell Obrien Yeah but he does have way better taste in cars than most rappers of any decade lol

    1. Diablo actually they can be found for sale but reach over 150k there was one for sale on top rank importers and also YouTube Adam Lz bought one

  2. I respect him and adore him more after watching this.. I’m now motivated to do better in life even though some people around doubt my abilities..thanks Kris

  3. It’s nice to see a rapper into actual car culture that doesn’t just buy Lamborghinis because of the price tag. Especially the Japanese/Chinese car scene back in the 80s-90s. I’d much rather see a rapper flexing a Supra than a rapper flexing a 458 Italia. I can see this dude being a part of the MidNight crew back in the 80s Japanese car scene.

    Also Travis’ new album cover for the Jackboys is sick to me. RX7,Supra hidden in the back and an old bmw rally car.

    1. Because usually JDM and collector cars, you need a bit of knowledge in terms of engine model, which model series is the car version for rarity etc. The standard rapper arent that educated so they’ll buy something with a high price instead and flex the amount they spent.

    1. I can assure you this man have the money to buy all those cars and none of these cars were his, this video is designed by his label to make him fit in American culture.

  4. Respect to this car enthusiast, reppin the real car culture out here with some of the most legendary cars ever.

  5. When a celebrity shows you a car it’s usually the interior but this man shows you what under the hood. Absolute legend

  6. It’s so rare for rappers to truly love cars like this, usually they just bought expensive cars without knowing anything about it. Wu’s knowledge and passion into street cars as a rapper –is second to none, he’s for real.

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