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    1. Dude worked for Porsche after college, even had a company Carerra iirc. He’s great but don’t get it twisted, he came from money to begin with.

    2. @Joe.yea he wasnt poor but the job at porsche was nothing more like a regular job. So the step up to a multi multi multi millionaire was indeed a big step up

  1. “Who really needs an F40”

    3 months from now:

    “My favorite quirk about my F40!”

    Love you Doug! 😂

  2. Some years later…
    This is the F40, my reddest supercar…
    …And with cars like these, who really needs an F1.

    1. @Sumukh for sure. if he ever sells cars and bids or starts some other profitable venture you know hes getting an f40. and when he does, hes gonna want an F1

    1. It’s very Doug like to get a quirky super car, which is why I was guessing he’d have gone for a Vector W8 over a Countach. But I think they go for quite a bit more than Countaches and I’d bet maintenance is a disaster.

  3. 3 of my childhood dream cars all in Doug’s garage. I’m not jealous. I’m just living vicariously through Doug.

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