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  1. Doug might have to leave California if he wants to keep being a Car Enthusiast. $7 gas plus endless regulations… How could anyone that enjoys classic cars continue to live in that state

    1. ​@BruceHurley As someone who refers to classic car enjoyment as “childish fantasies”, why are you even watching this video about a classic car?

    1. The wing does look nice but the wingless look gives it a “911 gt3 touring” kind of vibe, and i love it.

  2. Maybe when they completely rule out gas engines, Lamborghini can install a V12 in the parking lot next door too

  3. Marcello Gangini’s OG design is fire but I gotta agree Doug’s exact spec car is the peak 80s supercar.

  4. I was 7 years old when this car came out. Sitting in one of these in 89 at age 7 was an unforgettable moment in my life. Never forget

  5. I love the original version, without wing and bodykit. It looks so clean and sharp! Doug´s car however looks cool too. Especially these white wheels are super nice!

  6. That thang looks soooo good without the wing. Especially now seeing the bracket details in the video.

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