Lamborghini Miura Unearthed | Chasing Classic Cars

Wayne takes a fast pit stop in the Midwest to examine an unusual Lamborghini hidden for years in a decrepit garage.|For more Chasing Vintage cars, see

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  1. it’s really a great and beautiful car. been sitting since 1992. would love to have the rest of the story. i watch “chasing classing cars” (Wayne C) on Discovery Channel. Great cars and great car stories.

  2. I love your show you guys . I watch too much car shows on TV and I do rate this one pretty high ! Liked thumbs up. Great Channel keep it up guys .

  3. The Lamborghini Miura is the genesis of super-cars and one of these glorious automobiles has been sitting in this mans under protected garage since 1992…

  4. From tractors to sports cars. Mr. Lamborghini’s Miura is still one of the coolest cars of all time. It would be my dream to drive a restored one… that, and a countach of course. 

    1. Enzo Ferrari told Feruccio Lamborghini “you may know how to drive a tractor, but clearly don’t know how to drive a Ferrari”. Thus the beginning of the Lamborghini car company.

  5. What an amazing find! That automobile is beautiful! Would have to change out the seals for sure…but wow, just sitting there. So sad. I hope that car comes back to life, the road, where it belongs.

  6. I cried a little after watching this. If I found this guy in my neighborhood, I would try to buy that off of his with as little money as possible. My heard sank when he opened the garage. 

  7. What a beautiful design… inspired by the legendary GT40 and while I love my Fords, you cannot go past those classic Italian curves.

  8. Oh……..God. why oh why. The Miura is my favorite car in the world. Who would lock this away like that? 🙁

  9. I wonder how much he paid for it at the end. Plus the luck finding that must be 1 out of 1 million. Very lucky guy indeed.

  10. Una pasada, me encantaría restaurar algún coche así alguna vez en mi vida, es una preciosidad ✌🏻

  11. I love barn finds, as it’s even exciting for me a car enthusiast that cannot afford all of theses cars new or otherwise to see someone so passionate when they find one and what they do with it to only hand it off to someone else who dremed about it when they were a kid- awesome

  12. It should be a sin in the car world to hide such an amazing automotive sculpture like the Miura to just sit collecting dust in a garage, people would probably give their kidney just to possibly drive one.

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