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  1. I mean, that design thought corresponds directly to the average intellect of whoever would buy this car with an automatic.

    1. I think the ‘automatic’ version he’s referring to is a robotized manual transmission controlled by paddle shifters instead?

    2. @Marko Nikolić I thought an automatic uses a torque convertor while Lambo’s E-gear instead uses a clutch that’s electronically actuated automatically when the paddle shifters are pulled

  2. I think this was also a feature in cars with the F1 transmissions like the Ferrari 575M and the 1st gen Aston Martin Vanquish. Idk if I’m 100% correct, I’m just digging up my recollection of 1st season of new top gear.

  3. it’s a Lambo, they probably spent ask their time and money with the engine and handling and then spent 5 minutes figuring out the interior from the Audi parts bin.

  4. If all you do is press a button to put your car into reverse than I think it’s better to place that button somewhere only driver can reach..

  5. Its quite logic really…:
    As a lambo owner you should always go forwards… nothing should stop you or be in your way… your driveway / parking is such so that you never ever have to reverse..

    But… if for some reason you really effed up… it means you commited a “sin”… and another word for left is “sinister”… = the reverse is located on your left side… /means you now can /facepalm-irl


  6. Mmm if I park it on my garage no one will be able to reverse it out. BUt I would be worried to press Reverse while turning the lights on!!!

  7. Who else came here because they needed to put their mercialago in reverse on a test drive 😂😂😂

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