Lamborghini Revuelto Is A $700k Supercar with 1,000-hp! #shorts #lamborghini #supercars


Lamborghini Revuelto Is A $700k Supercar with 1,000-hp! #shorts #lamborghini #supercars

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    1. @@cameronlotter1392except price, reliability, styling, I mean shoot basically all the revuelto has over the c8 is power and that sweet engine sound.

  1. Maybe the geniuses will stop drag racing these track focused Lambo’s
    All I see is SVJ’s losing roll races. That car was made for the track, and I’ve never seen one being used what it was built for

    1. They’re slow at the track too, many Porsches spank them lol. They’re just a fashion statement super car really

    2. The aventador kinda has no actual purpose. The huracan sto is definitely more suited for track use

  2. In my head Aventador just got launched and i deny to accept that its going to retire allready.

    1. The Aventador was in Need for Speed the Run. That was 13 years ago and I have found memories of that game, and that car.

    2. Bro, it was my main car when I played gran turismo 5 back in 2010 and I was a teen. We are old. Accept it

    3. It’s been 12 years bro, we old out here if it makes you feel better I remember when the LP640 Murci was released, watched it on TV.

    1. @@cbotten106 on me? Why? You didn’t like the Lamborghini Scrambled joke?

      🤔 actually it is the exact translation in case you didn’t know 😂

    2. @@JL-wf2wp Yeah, apparently the bull that this car is named after had a reputation of jumping into and “scrambling” the crowd at the bull fighting ring. I was just having some pun. Seemed like the opportune time to use that chestnut.

    3. Scrambled eggs is the first thing I thought about when I first heard this car’s name lol 😆

  3. First gen gallardo and Murci are still peak design for Lamborghini imo. The most serious and beautiful designs they ever produced. Maybe the least “lambo” in terms of garish, childishness, but absolute masterpieces and incredibly minimalist, while emphasizing proportions and really really excellent lines. Never again, I suppose…

    1. I think the Huracan without all the scoops and wings they added later on was also clean and beautiful. But it got more and more overstyled and garish as time passed.

    2. Murci in on the pantheon of cars ever made IMO. Absolutely the most beautiful Lamborghini ever made.

    3. i loved the Diablo, Countach, Jalpa, Reventon.
      But you are right, the First Gallardo and Murci was more outstanding in design then the last 10 years of lambo. The first aventador was solid too.

    4. Haha. Childness… I think that is a good description, and one reason why I never liked Lambos.

      Too much like a kids toy. I can’t explain it. That isn’t quite right either.

      I actually like the Urus and especially Ferraris new SUV as well if I had to pick one from each. I’m getting old I guess.

      Koenigsegg Gemera is my favorite expensive car. I want one so I can tell people I drive a 3 cylinder hybrid, because I heard they are good for the environment!

  4. You can get an MG4 XPower for £34k, 0-60 in 3.8s, at night or from a rear view mirror it looks like a Lamborghini, of course he has no noise, or a V12, and when you pass someone they think you customised a Toyota in your garage

  5. It’s the most ridiculously named model in the history of Lamborghini… Revuelto means “scrambled” in spanish (as in scrambled eggs)… Reventon was also quite ridiculous, as it means “blowout” (as in a tyre blowout).

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