Lamborghini Urus S vs Ferrari Purosangue!

I head to @AlexandersPrestigeLtd to have a look at two of the world's fastest 4 door/four seat cars … the Lamborghini Urus S and the Ferrari Purosangue.

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Lamborghini Urus S vs Ferrari Purosangue!

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    1. A bit of Ginger Lemon tea for me..but we are all sipping which is the important thing. Cheers and Happy Sunday!

    1. Lamborghini always made cars for posers, Ferrari’s are for the classy gentleman who wants something with a racing heritage.

    1. It experienced some ‘minor quality control’ issues. According to McLaren PR, all future ones will be ‘issues’ free.

    2. If it’s gone in the bin it should be released somewhere for the BTG crew so we can watch it!! We are loyal and don’t care if it’s “substandard”!

  1. I test drove a Puro for a week. Thoughts, beautiful outside but some remarked nothing like a 812. Drives beautifully , sounds very good. Negatives, interior I think is very poor for the money, a cullinan, which is cheaper is in a different league. It wants you to drive quickly, which when in cities or with families, is not very relaxing and you can easily look your licence. Practicality poor (not a suv and not a sports car). So totally agree if you have several cars , great but as a two car garage, doesn’t work. Definitely not worth the money, should be £200,000 cheaper

    1. Half a millions dollars with 4 doors but isn’t practical?
      Only Ferrari gets away with that bullshit. 🤦🏿‍♂️

    1. The GTC4Lusso would be a better choice. It’s just as “off-road capable,” has better styling, and has buttons instead of touch sensitive controls

  2. Gods country mate and you will have touched a fraction of the possibilities. There’s a different landscape everywhere you go and some silky smooth driving roads if you look hard enough. Keep up the great content 💪💙

  3. 3 minutes in and the Cinematography is absolutely on point. Your videos have influenced and inspired me so much over the past ten years. Do you create an RO script for your videos so you know what PTCs and VO needs to be recorded in the edit? Would love to know about your process. Cheers.

  4. I’ve always liked both vehicles but the Ferrari is just classier. As we know the Urus is part Audi, the Ferrari is pure Ferrari. Also, love to see/hear mph figures also quoted on kmh.I live in Australia and we went metric 50 yrs ago.

  5. This video reinforced my view that Sam is the best car YouTuber out there, Entertaining and well produced. It doesn’t matter that the cars are unaffordable . It’s great escapism. Keep it up Sam.

  6. Half way through this review Sam and I am always blown away with your high level of filming. Your unique touch to your videos does set you apart and is worth celebrating. Love that Urus actually and I think the Urus S offers a bit more comfort than the Urus Performante I have spent time with too. £250k saving over the Ferrari is nothing short of a bargain at this level of premium car🎉

  7. It’s incredible that adding 2 extra doors to the GT4 Lusso suddenly made it cool. Ferrari practically stealing money. 😂

  8. The only gripe that is that the engine isn’t a true lambo engine. In fact it has a Porche engine and that to me is a win for Ferrari

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