“Land Yacht” Electric SUV has Wine Cooler!

We travelled to Monterey and truck show and spent some time with two electric monsters from . First of all, their futuristic luxury SUV idea, the Pura Vision, with laser fiber innovation headlights, touchscreen infotainment panels and even a white wine cooler in the back!

Second of all, Alex shows you the B95, a 1,873 hp electrical hypercar which looks unbelievable. Let us understand what you believe in the comments!

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Provided by Alex:

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“Land Yacht” Electric SUV has Wine Cooler!

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  1. Pura Vision: Sort of a sleek lunar rover vibe…nice!
    B95: Super stylish design, love the fairings, interesting contours, happy it comes with helmets!😊

  2. Love this supercar blondie.However i am curious.
    What kind of drivers license do you have or had to obtain for these car exhibitions.

  3. From every channel that has shown these cars from the brand, nobody, absolutely nobody at all was allowed in not to talk of a drive😂😂😂 Supercar blondie has the highest levels when it comes these car reviews. She has given her name so much levels and respect tf!!!! That’s true hard work guys

  4. Please, Alex, do more of the reviews! I like the rest of the team, but you’re the best with cars!!!

  5. Que camioneta tan hermosa 🚒 está marca se está posicionando en el mercado,me encantaría que la sacaran en la línea hotwells 😃💬 saludos güera 👱‍♀️ desde Edomex, México 🇲🇽. 🆒☑️

  6. This is a high-riding supercar that looks very cool and modern. Perhaps the price of this car is not cheap and I can only watch and enjoy it through my eyes. If I want to have a car like that, I can only by investing crazy to make yourself a similar car but it may not be like that and it will have 65 to 70% shape to satisfy the passion and desire I often watch my channel. you and also an opportunity for me to know many types of cars in the world. Thank you very much

  7. Very nice car’s and how long does it take you to review a electric car and talk about what it has from the outside of it and the inside of the car?

  8. Yes! Shame wow….Oh… and the high stance on those wheels and suspension is perfect.
    The tread is sweet…..

    You know what I love about wear and tear on a vehicle?

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