Lifetime Ford & Shelby collector goes CRAZY over a 350K-mile Mustang. Why? | The Appraiser – Ep. 113

This week on "The Appraiser," Colin sees a rough Mustang hot rod on the street and convinces the owner to subject it to an appraisal. It's the roughest vehicle we have actually seen on the show yet and Colin is giddy with excitement. Why? Watch to find out!


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Lifetime & collector goes CRAZY over a 350K-mile Mustang. Why? | The Appraiser – Ep. 113

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  1. I like how simple this dude keeps his Mustang and with over 350,000 miles on it? Super impressive.

  2. Very cool , it’s not always what the vehicles worth in dollar bill’s , it’s the smile and enjoyment it GIVES YOU and commuting from point a to z.

  3. I’ve got a 1967 fastback that I’ve had since high school it’s my first car 38 years and counting, I would have like to hear what his car was worth not much of an appraisal if you say what it’s worth

    1. @JoeLikesPotatoes my dad was working for this guy and the guys girlfriend had the mustang and I was first person to ask about the car and I bought it for $1500 in 1986and I bought the car with my own money didn’t ask mom and dad for any money to buy the car

    2. @Saul Espino yes I’ve rebuilt the engine it’s a six cylinder engine in the car it’s an original six cylinder car from the factory with a three speed tranny. I’ve swapped out the rear axle and front hubs for the V8 axle and hubs now have the five lug bolt pattern and I swapped in a top loader four speed tranny. I wanna add the disc brakes on just on the front and a hurst shifter to the tranny. It’s pretty much done with mechanically other than the disc brakes and the shifter. Now I just need to do all the body work which I’ll have s body shop do all that. I will not do body work

    3. To me the whole point of the episode is that cars like this one are truly priceless to their owners and worth far less to everyone else. If someone owns a car that they are willing to sell, then it can’t compare with something like this — something that you really can’t put a price on.

  4. It really says a lot about the collector car market when the Colin gets excited over a rough and ratty Mustang haha they probably see so many perfect show car restorations that this must be liberating haha

    1. The car is probably a hoot, but as a car its hot garbage. 0 originality. Stripped out. Beat up. Modified. I get that the owner loves his car, but this was a pure fluff piece.

  5. If the claim of driving this car 14k miles per year for 25 continuous years is to believed, that is a remarkable achievement!

  6. Interesting and fun. Ya gotta love a fastback Mustang rat-rod. I’m sure he’s wasted many unsuspecting pretty cars over the course of his 350K journey. Very cool!!

  7. Now thats the perfect mustang not those mint ones on display, his car is drivin hard and looks amazing. Rough and tuff!!!!!

  8. I know the feeling. I have a 1990 Acura integra with 500k plus miles. Its part of the family 20 years now, my kids and grand kids have all had the opportunity to be around it. I do not care the value of it because its priceless to me.

  9. I enjoyed this video. It was just for fun and the car is a total blast. This Mustang has a lot of history and to the owner it’s priceless. It would be for me as well. I liked the look on the appraiser’s face when jumped on the accelerator. Awesome fastback for sure!

  10. Best car I’ve seen Colin appraise. I love it. Reminds me of some of my cars in years gone by – all performance and fun, stuff the cosmetics.

  11. I do not ever comment… but this was a time travel moment… I went back to when I was 16 and my neighbors dudes my age were building mustangs… totally cool… I was grinning like a possum eating a sweet potato… Thx for the trip back in time.

  12. That was a fun “appraisal”. Who cares what that Pony is worth. Just enjoy the damn thing. 👍

  13. Love it! That would be me if I still had the 65 fastback my Dad sold in 76, but I make do with my 306k mile 87 LX hatch. It’s not as rough, but it means as much to me. It’s worth way more to me than it would be to anyone else! I hope Ethan continues to enjoy it for the rest of his life!

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