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    1. Ooo yeah bragging about that 215 mile range 😂 definitely a paid promotion and definitely not just sam doing his job as a motoring journalist

    2. EV haters are so weird. If it was an ICE M5, you wouldn’t be asking that question at all.

      Also, he was probably paid nothing. He gets a car free for a few months to use and make content and BMW get advertisement in exchange.

  1. I think the current issue in the US with Hertz and that they are dropping 2/3 of their AV fleet is about to put a big nail in the coffin.

  2. Realistically that’s going to be a 250 mile motorway range, which however you put it is about 40% less than what the new M5’s range will be, and you don’t have to find emails to reply to while you fill that up either

  3. has a long term electric and doesn’t use the preheat/defrost function from the app in the coldest UK in years 😀

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