Living With The First Electric AMG! [Mercedes EQS 53 AMG]

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I support the wheel of AMG's very first … the massive EQS 53 AMG

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Living With The First Electric AMG! [Mercedes EQS 53 AMG]

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  1. No good angle on it. Don’t know how they let this design language out. It’s a little alike the 5 series GT coming out back in 2009. Just looked ungainly. Ironically the Hatchback 5 series GT ended up a practical large German quality car.

    1. I’ve seen one in real life and looks fair, just it doesn’t look like an S should nor it poses Teutonic touch…

  2. Great video Sam,well presented about the car ,love the technology,screens etc . Unfortunately again the charging infrastructure in this country is still not there. I love Mercedes’ cars . As a 60 + year old I will never be able or drive a car like this as the cost is spiralling to high. Great video keep it up 👍.

  3. Hey Sam! Is the Porsche steering wheel bracelet still available somewhere? Or is there a possibility for a rerun?

  4. Only Sam can make a video interesting and enjoyable to watch about an electric car. I pray for synthetic fuels to help save the climate and combustion engine cars!!!

  5. I quite like it to be honest I appreciate it may not be to everybody’s taste, I understand why the shape of it make it slippery. The tech is next level. Great video

  6. Mercedes did the best job of the screens than any car I’ve seen. I hate it when the square screen is plunked down. The Tesla looks like an IPad was mounted by a local stereo shop.

  7. Thank you! Great living with video, tech from the future right here and now, that is impressive regardless of yay/nay EV’s. Hope you can still do a 2022 revisit of your Scotland trip, the one with the Audi, meaning frozen pizzas and all with an EV. Perhaps Mercedes is up for the idea? Love to see a serious and cool EV challenge from urban to rural! Cheers 👏

  8. Amazing video Sam! Your experience with charging clearly shows there is a problem. How are those chargers always broken? Whatever company gets that right will make millions!

    A good podcast idea could be to get a cabbie on who had a petrol cab and now has a electric one.

  9. I get it, but until the prices for EV’s come down to a manageable level the sales will not continue to a significant amount. Besides this one just doesn’t look good, I would think AMG should know better…

  10. Ev’s are the biggest joke in the history of this earth. Imagine spending 150k just to wait 3 H in the real world to charge to 80%😂😂😂

  11. 1 hour for 60 miles???? lol bruh can we all agree that hybrids are literally the way to go not EV this whole EV push is premature to be honest.

  12. I would like to know what it’s like compared to its predecessor, the S class AMG. I imagine that also handles like a barge with lots of power.
    That’s what the EQS has to beat.

  13. Excellent car Sam, and good to hear your views on it. However, you say you don’t want to ‘hoon it’ (my words for what you said) because you’ll lose all your charge (and I know you don’t mean the whole lot). Yet, with other, fossil cars, you do the same thing, only, it’s petrol, fossil fuel. I think that lots of petrolheads (myself included) think differently when it comes to fossil fuel, and not ‘electrons.’ Yes, we know if we give it some wellie in a fast car, the fuel level will decrease, sometimes at an alarming rate. The same is happening with the electrons, just they are a different medium to fuel. I also agree with you on the poor state of chargers in this country, they are not maintained enough. It feels like the operators of these things have either not employed enough technicians to go and fix them sharpish, or they just can’t be arsed.

  14. We’re at a time where EV’s are already good enough(perhaps a bit too expensive still for most) but infrastructure still hasn’t caught up.

  15. I think reviewers really need to get ahold of two tone EQS models, my neighbor has one and it looks awesome like that. He originally had an all black one and sold it and got the two tone one and that was a great move.

  16. I still have a lot of mixed feelings with electric cars. How green they truly are, how they will effect the electric grids once everyone starts to adopt electric cars and the lack of emotion. I find a lot of the new cars very distracting which is rather ironic given the arguments years prior about distracted drivers and cell phones. Great video. Thanks!

  17. 160K for a 2.5 tonne behemoth, that will get you 350 miles. That’s not progression in my mind….bearing in mind the target buyer for an S class, might not even drive it, not sure what it’s target market is….great video as ever though, and a considered insight into the real issues around charging and running an EV.

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