Living With The New BMW M2!

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In this video, I support the wheel of the new @BMW #M 2! The M2 has actually constantly been popular but this latest version is a little … 'controversial' … I find out if it is still great to .

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Living With The New BMW M2!

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    1. With Sam @seenthroughglass since the tts! The videos are always great.. other car vloggers come and go for me start off great then get to full of themselves and i think “nope” bye… but sam has always been true to who he is!! 👍

    2. ​​@jennybrooks9940 yea me too the tt is kinda nostalgic, that’s so true. He is always himself no matter what

    3. That’s the first thing I thought…this mans videos are absolutely crisp. Beautiful content man!

    4. Sam is one of the only car You Tubers who takes time and care over the filming and editing – instead of churning out daily talking to camera content.

  1. Always enjoyable my man! Personally I’m not a Bimmer fan in general, but as their latest designs go, this one is not so bad. Honestly, and setting the bar low, any BMW without the grotesque giant buck tooth grill is satisfactory. Now that new surf board combined gauge cluster/central monitor is quite a shame. I think the newer Audi 3’s hit the sweet spot in that area. Speaking of Audi, have say my new RS5 Sportback is quite the looker and has been very practical for daily use! I know, there’s no manual shift, but we have commuter traffic here, so I’m fine. Maybe not that M2, but perhaps an older lighter convertible with stick would be great for weekend fun…Boxster…🍺

  2. Another amazing and classy production. This channel deserves so much more views.. let us be thankful to BMW for sticking to straight-six’s and manual transmissions..

  3. i actually like the new m2. Its meant to be bold and out there and thats what it does. Plus lets just acknowledge how amazing sams video and editing and commitment to making the best videos is!🙂👋

  4. It’s hard to beat the look of the previous generation, however red is certainly one of the best colours to have this new generation in. Really shows off the new design in the best light. Amazing video as always Sam!

    1. Having seen one in-person in this red shade, I would suggest going with black. Given the very odd design of the front grill / lower air dam, I really think any color other than black will look incredibly weird. The overall look of the car – but especially the front – is very questionable in my view. Black could help to hide a few things, or at least not shine a glaring spotlight on them.

  5. For me the most controversial thing about this car is the lack of analog gauges. I never wanted a screen in place of the gauges.

    1. I always blame Tesla for accelerating this trend of massive screens in cars, not to mention introducing subscription services to cars. BMW is merely following these trends because they’re losing the luxury car market share to Tesla in key countries such as the U.S.

    2. Buttons and gauges cost money the only reason everything is software and screens while they make out its because of tech so they can charge more for what cost them less

    3. @DrJK 756US is absolutely not key country to BMW. With the lemon law if ppl were to execute it to the letter BMW would go bankrupt in US. China is at the moment where its at. There is a reason why their bikes and cars are made there

  6. Enjoyed the video Sam. I guess unless you want a manual, I think the main considerations are:

    A. You can get a 10000 mile M3/M4 comp for similar money
    B. In the UK, this model will likely be obsolete in approx 12 months when the comp version is released, I’d go option A myself…..

    1. A comp in 12month, what do you think this will come with? xDrive? Yeah, maybe but not before 2025/26 and who needs that anyway?
      CS is a different story, way more expensive and probably limited. So not really seeing any problems here.
      Yeah a used one is a used one, and you won’t get a better car overall, as the new one has basically all that the bigger brothers have.
      Also for me, the M2s more aggressive look makes it a clear winner over the M4, which is more of a GT to me at this stage.

  7. What blows my mind more then the cars on this channel is how you dont have millions of Subscribers! Your videos are Movie production quality. I dont think anyone does it quiet as good as you. You are so highly under appreciated for the work you do Sam. I always look forward to your videos as they always ooze quality.

    1. Totally agree with you. Sam is by a long shot the best car channel on YouTube.
      Genuine, funny and very creative.

  8. This is a video we’ve been waiting for from you Sam. Always gut level honest in whatever you’re testing and reviewing. I personally LOVE the look of the new M2. The facelift really kind of threw in a little bit of M roadster from the z4 imo.

  9. I can’t have my Sunday morning coffee unless I’m watching the latest Seen Through Glass video. Another great one, Sam!

  10. Another banger Sam!! Loved all the shots and the production quality is just on another level. One big thumbs up from me👍

  11. The new M2 is definitely growing on me but really only in red and black at this moment. I was soo close to picking up the new M240i but might give it a couple years and save to get the M2. Just starting the video and I’m eager to see what you think!

  12. Great video Sam! I think the new M2 looks awesome! I personally like the rear. I think they could have made the diffuser a bit more aggressive.

  13. Another lovely video Sam, the camera work, how you are to camera, it’s natural and great and easy to watch, keep up the good work and don’t ever ever change! You are personable and you can’t buy or manufacture that.

  14. Another fantastic video/ review Sam as ever, and I agree the roads of northern Yorkshire are definitely on a par with Scottish and Welsh mountain roads! I’m busy planning a weeks trip down there in a months time. As for the M2 I agree with you it looks better when you’re not standing next to it!

  15. @9:49 this inside car camera set up was incredible. If you can always replicate this angle and camera placement you’re in for a huge win! cheers

  16. Crazy how good the production quality of these videos are. I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say like you’re touching top gear level quality. Madness.

  17. Once again a great video Sam!
    Your production skills are through the roof recently, keep it up! Your content is right up there with the best on Youtube 👍🏼

  18. Hi Sam. You and Tim know how to give educational reviews that are helpful to us petrol heads. Thanks for your great content. Pity we missed your impressions at Monterey this year. Need you out there next

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