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  1. Btw when he says the touring package adds sound deadening, it only add a 18”x12” rectangle of it under the mats. My Elise is by far the most raw, pure, driving car I’ve ever downed. 1900lbs of tiny thrill chasing machine!!

  2. Luxury isn’t the point of a Lotus, it’s all about the driving experience, and in that category nothing else comes close. I own a 1973 Lotus Europa John Player Special, and when my family and friends asked me why I owned such a car, I took them for a high speed ride on highways and winding back roads: they never asked me that question again.

    1. @B Zilla Or even a simple radio with bluetooh, more than that is just added luxury and, consequently, weight.

    2. @Poldão have you been in one of these? You won’t be hearing any radio once you’re above 6000RPM and the VVT-i kicks in. There’s also no place for a radio or speakers, Lotus made sure of that.

  3. Doug is the type of guy that doesn’t pull his foreskin down to wash it so he can save money on his water bill

  4. I like how you always point out your “personal favorite” quirk! Nice job on this one Doug!

  5. Yup. Like a A+ go cart with bumpers and lights. Otherwise, a POS unless you never drove in wet weather, and parked inside for winter. Otherwise, pretty decent. But wear a helmet. 👍🇨🇦

  6. Sometimes a car is just a car for what you want it to do for you, speed, luxury, fun, handling, speed, etc

  7. The Exige was an absolute monster, had the privilege of driving one and that’s the most aural, wheel, seat, arse, road experience I’ve had. These are REAL drivers cars.

  8. car manufacturer was skimping out lol
    That’s how you know it’s true luxury lolololol

  9. Please lotus, don’t do more than this. A pure sports car should remain pure. The iPod connection is okay to play my favorite rock jams as i and “Sofia” scream past check points.

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