Mafia Bosses $17,000,000 Abandoned Mansion With Indoor Pool & Very Rare Car


Hey whats up everybody today explores an absolute amazing estate that belonged to a mobster/ employer. This deserted home has an indoor pool and likewise consists of a very rare vehicle in the garage, basically an old supercar! This estate was last sold for practically 17 million dollars and is now deserted and totally unblemished. this is for sure the craziest on all of youtube! Not to discuss this home has several secret rooms and faucets constructed of gold!



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Bosses $17,000,000 Abandoned With Indoor Pool & Very Rare Car

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    1. @detailing polisher before he was even all the way in the room, i asked myself, ‘where’s the pole?’ and right there it was smack dab in the middle of the room and he didn’t even realize it.

    2. Which mob boss what is this? Whose mansion? This does not look like any mob bosses mansion that I’ve ever been in~
      Lines up more with a porn producer~
      And a mob boss would never drive that car!

  1. Imagine being drunk and walking into that bathroom full of mirrors! I’d piss all over the walls swearing I hit the toilet! 😂

  2. That basement was creepy. You’re brave! And that was a private club, in his basement, with the speakers behind the fabric. He didn’t notice the caution tape sooner, than later. That alone would’ve ended my exploring.

  3. I was wondering with all these abandoned places they’re going to aren’t they scared someone is just going to pop in out of nowhere?

    1. Right, for real the suspense of some of these videos. Like I’m just Waiting for someone to bust out. I mean this house for instance. I was just waiting for like a Joe Joe Pesci to come out of one of the basement rooms with an old 38 snubnose

    2. @Momma Dukes Mafia bosses use to be eccentric, having discrete red-rooms like this with bar, strip-clubs, pool changing room massage & sauna on they ‘r mansion is much easy to control instead of private-clubs in town where the police will start asking stupid questions and want they cut from (drugs, sex & exploit, stealing bank-robbing or any other money before getting anyone to police station or to jail.. the car they found here is so cool..

  4. I was holding my breath the whole time. People have definitely been keeping and eye on that house. The crime scene tap, the fans, the cleaning supplies, how clean everything was.

    1. Caution tape is not crime scene tape. Caution tape was probably put up by contractors. Same with the fans.

  5. The house ain’t abandoning he just got permission to film there
    The owner was moving out

    1. i would call it abandoned there no way anyone living in that house common look at the style of that house it looks like the 80″s. if someone was living in that house I’m sure that house would been updated and removing all that 80″s stuff

  6. I don’t know about you guys but this house gave me an uneasy feeling, especially that basement and red room.

    1. That’s the orgy room , a lot of ” activity ” went down in there …… I wouldn’t blame you for having that feelin

  7. Upstairs-main house
    Downstairs-human trafficking and forced prostitution, this house has everything !

    1. @Peanuts oh yea I’d love to see that place now, but you can’t get to it unless you have a copter or boat…

    2. @MAHRUKH ey Italian mafia never did that stuff. It would have been nice if the Youtuber actually mentioned what mobster lived here, seems like a lie to me for clickbait.

  8. Its not abandoned the house is so clean and some of the materials have electricity he just got permission to take a vid there

  9. I came across an exploration video with you and Steve Ronin, which was incredible to say the least. I am now a true addict to these channels. You both are by far two of my favorites, I love the unique approach and overall all style each of you have in terms of how you show your passion for what you do and your unique way of filming and photography, while still gaining the history and background of the owners and land. You guys deserve so much credit for what you do so viewers like myself and everyone else leaving positive feedback can sit back and appreciate your work. Can’t wait to see you two doing more collabs together, which I’m sure I’ll find as I go further down this rabbit’s hole. Thanks you guys!

    1. Beautiful 😍 comment! Hello Melissa how are you doing today I hope that you are enjoying the weather conditions?

  10. Love this house but would be cool to see more of an actuall walk through from room to room. Its hard to get a sense of the lay out and alot of filming the floor. But this is an awesome house.

  11. Just watching the video made me wonder who all had been there , the things that happened , and maybe even those that didn’t leave there alive , the meetings that occurred , the drinking and gambling , it’s such a wide array of things I wonder . These mafia guys were cruel but damn sure knew how to make money and spend it elegantly

  12. I would definitely love to buy this mansion and restore it! I would definitely turn the red room into an like restaurant!

  13. I’m confused as to how exactly you got into this house? It’s definitely owned by someone because of all the cleaning supplies and fans. If this is a Mafia old house I would be afraid about uploading a video of roaming around in their house. You’re very brave🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. I think it was actually for sale and he must have had a permit. It still had electricity going and all cleaned. Definitely NOT abandoned.

  14. This was an amazing journey through an amazing home that was once occupied. If only I had the means to live in a place still so exquisite

  15. That was super sick have been subscribed for a long while now love the exploration!! Love watching your house build! Post notifications are on keep up the great content

  16. Amazing house! Unfortunately the pool is likely what destroyed the floors downstairs. And that car….oh my goodness! I used to see those around back in my day. It’s crazy someone would just leave all this. UN fathomable 🤦‍♀️

  17. I just happened to come across Kyle’s abandoned videos and I am glad I did. I have watched several others and he is by far the best. Thank you for the amazing videos.

    1. Check out this luxurious mansion. Walks into tiny bedrooms, skinny hallways, Value City cheap leopard carpeting. Wow! Amazing!

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