Mastermind Behind RWB Wide Body Tuning Empire: Akira Nakai | Larry Chen Capturing Car Culture -Ep .6

Stay Humble. It's a piece of advice offered to numerous young individuals, particularly business owners. It's rather tough to see it play out when stated people see the success at the end of the tunnel. Yet in some way, this is something that still holds true for . After all these years and the surge of appeal of RWB, we see that Nakai-san is still the exact same male he was, working out of his little store in Chiba, Japan. He's still doing what he enjoys most, being the hooligan who cuts 911s.

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Mastermind Behind RWB Wide Body Tuning Empire: | Capturing Car Culture -Ep .6

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    1. When legends collide… This was a great video! And so inspiring to me because this is EXACTLY the kind of content I want to produce. Well done! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

    2. This is a great video and story Larry! I can’t wait to be filming the builds again when Nakai-san can travel. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ»

  1. I saw Larry Chens name and Nakai. I stopped everything I was doing to click and watch. Fantastic content as always. Thanks Hagerty for putting together an amazing mash of car cultures.

  2. Man, his English is so good now, since that first Dino article I have been in love with this style. Not just because it so wild but he makes the car alive, like a feeling, a ghost, a myth, but tangible and real.

  3. Thanks for sharing this story. You are so talented taking outstanding, meaningful photos/videos and also relating the background story with such passion. Akira Nakai is such a talented and humble person. Thanks for sharing this story.

  4. First I have not watched the whole thing yet

    But just the first few minutes. I appreciate the words and respect given to Dino. And the history between the both of you as well Larry how you both were on speedhunters. And following you all these years and your stories. With out a doubt you both are monsters in the industry. And it’s exciting to see you grow Larry. I just want Dino to get his due share. And you make those comments means a lot to me.

    It’s a privilege to know both of you and have friendships.

    Also thank you for visiting Nakai-san
    We all brothers of RWB

    Thank you. See ya at sema

  5. I remember a few years back while in Tokyo, i was queueing up at a ramen restaurant in Akasaka then i saw Nakai-san passing by in his purple RWB, pretty sick ride in person. Sadly my phone was crappy at that time so taking picture at night was totally out of the question.

  6. I remember a trip to Chiba in 2012 and Toshi arranged me to come and meet Nakai san on a random weekday at the RWB shop. Even back then he was a busy guy but nice enough to spend some time and chat even in basic English. I remember his hospitality and warm spirit. He sent me off with a bunch of RWB merch and stickers, so cool. Even let me take photos with him and his cars. Im glad his business has only grown since then

  7. Literally one of my favorite new shows. Thank you Larry, it’s an honor to see your content! Keep it coming! πŸ€™

  8. I LOVED this episode! Knocked it out of the park. Please give us more like this!!! ❀️❀️❀️

  9. Hope to see his Story in depth some time in the cinema. I think he deserves it because he is a living legend! Its Art, he is a Artist, Master in his crafts. ❀

  10. I was lucky enough to watch and photograph Nakai build Rutledge Woods LS3 swapped RWB and it was an INSANE experience and truly made me appreciate these cars soooo much more.

  11. This has 100% been my video of the year, Nakai is legend and I’m so glad that you guys were able to make this happen, and I definitely agree with the idea that the 997 build is the opposite of Nakai-san maturing

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