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  1. I love the look however I just don’t like that cloth part. I could imagine it getting dirty and being impossible to clean with kids. I think leather would have been a practical approach and made the car look even more luxurious.

    1. Yep. Mzda 3 straight up one of the best looking hatches and cars in general.

      Never thought i will live in a timeline where a mazda 3 looks more high class than many bmw or mercedes models, but here we are lol

  2. For real. For example, Mazda is aiming for luxury, so much, that I saw an advertisement from Mazda saying ( 💩 ing on other luxury brands mind you 😂)
    “ Yes, you can get a German car… But why?”

    1. It’s actual maple wood. I know because unlike you I can afford it and I have one. You can go back to your Kia now.

  3. Mazda needs to create a luxury car brand if they want to sell luxury vehicles. Not many people are going to be willing to shell out luxury car prices for a mazda.

    1. Mazda already tried that in the past and not much sold. Why? Because people had that same mindset… “im not paying $$$$ for a mazda…”
      They’re not gonna do it again.

    1. I’m surprised the Mazda fanboy with the purple I icon wasn’t offended by you yet 🤣🤣
      You’re right though it looks bad

  4. Needs to have 30 inch wheels and the windows should be smaller. The whole car needs another 10 inches of length and atleast 5 inches of height.

  5. I mean the materials look quality but those plastic buttons cheapen it up and the color of the wood clashes with the colors of everything else. Good start though!

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