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  1. Doug is the type of guy to open his car doors repeatedly for the sound while he is in his garage

  2. I remember watching his videos back in high school like 5 years ago, I’m glad to see that he still is posting videos and is doing well ❤❤

  3. Doug’s the kind of guy to buy Mercedes stalks as an investment, and stocks to operate its functions.

  4. Voice control on a w210! Funny how so much of the stuff car manufacturers brag about was done 20 years ago by Merc. Just look at Tesla with voice control and with their key card. Benz used an optional key card for the s class 20 years ago.

    1. And phones use your face to open. You should work for the NSA if you care about this kind of thing

  5. Doug is the kind of guy who spams your sub fee with 15 shorts for every video. Bye bye for my sub.

  6. We developed a similar thing for our wifes: louder/quiet, think, go, suck, faster/slower, pause, but it didnt work properly.

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