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    1. *If all the unknown quirks and features have been discovered, we would have cured world hunger*

    1. There is a chance that sensor is not grounded. Simple wirring check could resolve the issue.

  1. It tells its owner how much weight they need to lose in order to actually get chicks in that car

    1. I’m fat and I can pull bitches in a pair of flip flops. its not about the car or what you like like. it’s all about confidence.

  2. It is supposed to display the engine oil temperature, but obviously the sensor or the conversion electronics are broken.

    1. @R Fletcher Probably a bad sensor. The wires are all on connectors, so you can’t really mess that up.

    2. ​@R Fletcher Somehow that sounds, like something that could happen in production.
      Like a wire soldered to a different terminal with a different resistance or something.

  3. Press the button 4 times and write down the numbers . They are the coordinates for a secret meet up location for AMG owners once the apocalypse happens .

  4. He should’ve asked YouTube, that’s the best “cultivated collector” xD

  5. If that’s the external air temperature, what it might be is a switch between an intake air temp sensor and an intake/manifold pressure sensor. -81.1 sounds like some unit of vacuum like pascals or something.

  6. Broken sensor man. I had a BMW that showed -80 all the time. I changed the sensor and it was fixed.

  7. It’s the Countdown until the Factory Warranty expires
    and you go broke on the next repair 👍

  8. ChatGPT suggestion:
    It is possible that there is a malfunction with the climate control system or temperature sensor in your Mercedes-Benz W124.

    When the temperature switch is pressed once, the green light indicates that the climate control system is in “EC” mode, which means the system is set to operate in economy mode, and the temperature displayed is the setpoint for this mode. In this case, 16 degrees Celsius is the default setpoint temperature for “EC” mode.

    However, when the switch is pressed again, the orange light indicates that the temperature control system is in “manual” mode, allowing the driver to manually adjust the temperature. A temperature reading of -81 degrees Celsius is not a normal reading and could indicate a fault with the temperature sensor or the climate control system itself.

  9. Doug Demuro: the kind of guy who asks every forum but doesn’t think to reach out to Mercedes Benz.

  10. It’s still a twmpt sensor, one is likely inside and the out is outside but when they fail the internal resistance can change giving you crazy reading. I work on semi trucks and it’s quite common to see -289f on the dash for outside air temp.

  11. Looks like it’s switching Celsius to Fahrenheit. Possibly the Fahrenheit sensor may be damaged.

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