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    1. @Dhimant MannuruHe’s not wrong. This is just a high end NPC car just like a CRV or RAV4. The people that buy it don’t care about this crap but to look at it one day and be like “oh that’s cool!”

    1. @Ștefan Alexexactly what i was about to say. Saw someone try off roading a g wagon and the amount of times it had to be pulled out from wherever it was stuck was hilarious.

    1. @Alexandre Houde That’s not true. But definitely not as much as this Mercedes that looks like it will spend more time at highway rest stops than on the road in the first place. Wranglers do show roll and pitch angles but not coordinates lol.

  1. I can maybe see this MAYBE being taken off road at some places in the Middle East. The people with money will buy a car like this, beat the hell out of it in the desert, break it, then abandon it and get the next toy. That’s about it 😂

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