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  1. Now that the other and more established motor brands are catching up, tesla is going down the toilet

    1. Reminds me of some early xenon suv headlights that would blind the f of you with its blueish/purpleish lights

    2. @Makrinus 🅥 those were the worst. and as someone with astigmatism where light at night cause me to see those crazy streaks of light, they would absolutely blind me.

    1. @Fromulusyeah, I would say something that blinds other drivers is exactly what their typical buyer wants in a vehicle.

  2. I can see that being more of a hazard than a help. Might help the driver, maybe. But for everyone else it seems like it might be a major distraction.

  3. *Doug is the type of guy who is tired of explaining the quirk of the windshield washer fluid door location*

  4. The hood is so big, yet they couldn’t put a frunk in there because of some sort of air cleaning system

  5. Why not just use a HUD (heads up display)???? My 2019 Toyota Camery has a HUD that will project STOP in big bold red letters along with a loud audible warning to warn you to brake now. I just don’t see a benefit of projecting something on the ground, on the road in front of you over just using the heads up display to warn the driver? I also wonder how well something like that would work in daylight??

  6. And you will blind all oncoming drivers every hill that you crest. The leds are already too bright without having brighter portions to produce words/numbers/shapes.

  7. In my Telluride it beeps/vibrates and then brakes or steers around on its own to avoid an accident. Seems smarter?

  8. The best “cool feature” of any vehicle is is a competent driver who pays attention.
    If you need this crap, should you be driving?

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