Mercedes G-Wagon vs Land Rover Defender V8!

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Mercedes G-Wagon vs Land Rover Defender V8!

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  1. Another top quality upload! I don’t understand why Sam doesn’t have 1mil+ subs, the quality of STG vids is on another level!

    1. His viewers watch the full video so he still gets paid bank. Whereas other YouTubers just post catchy thumbnails and people skim through

    1. I agree. I wish we got those in america. I’d take a lifted narrow body g400d over a g550 4×4 all day.

  2. You’re right that an F-Pace SVR makes far more sense as an on road SUV! But also it’s another fantastic video with wonderful cinematic quality 👌

  3. There’s something special about a G-Wagon. You just cannot compare them to anything else in my opinion!

  4. This was a twin test that I’ve been waiting to see!! .. ‘Give me a brick wall and I’ll drive through it!’ … Loved the test and your energy and enthusiasm, Sam!! .. Keep up the great work!!👍🙂

  5. Almost sick of saying it but another quality piece of content. Looking forward to joining you and Tony at Alexanders on the 3rd of December for BTG live 👍

  6. “I’d get a half price F space SVR” yes I agree absolutely. The F pace SVR is such an under rated car !

  7. Great content. It’s not a fair comparison though. I can’t think of a situation where I would prefer the defender, one of the main issues is a d250 s can look exactly like a v8. The g class manages to get away with this though due to its iconic Shape. I think Range Rover could have an even bigger hit on their hands if they stick closer to the original design.

  8. How Sam’s “logic” works is the purest form entertainment…note that vehicles like these are purely illogical and fun!

  9. I think the difference in feel/handling is the Gwagon being body on frame, which is a huge plus if you offroad it. Of course, 99.9% of SUV owners never do, so the Defender is probably a better choice for almost everyone.

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