Mercedes’ New Car Technology for 2025

We went to a supersecret location to hang around with the brand-new Concept CLA Class. The futuristic all-electric lorry has an interior straight out of a sci-fi film and is powered using supercomputing and AI.

Sergi was lucky adequate to get some hands-on time with the principle, prior to the new electric high-end automobile enters into production in late 2024. Let us understand what you think in the remarks!

Provided by Sergi:

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' Technology for 2025

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  1. I think the roof would look so much better without those thousands of Mercedes stars, just clear. But the flux capacitor thing in the center console is pretty cool.

  2. @supercarblondie 😮… have you seen the miniature? I like this interior and exterior styling. The leg room seemed less than C- . The efficiency in MPKW (KPKW) went down to the average gas or diesel vehicle. Only 400ish miles. I do like how fast the charge is. The candy apple red and color arrangements are beautiful. I think an option for more MPKW (KPKW) should be more.

    1. It’s of course an error, it would be a 10MW charger
      To charge less than 100 car at the same time you’ll need the power of a nuclear reactor

    2. It’s minutes but the editor doesn’t know a thing about cars, it seems, or it would show “15 minutes* ” on the screen.
      It makes sense. 400 from 750 km total is 53%. Already for a few years now, Korean cars do the 10-80% (70%) charge in 18 minutes. Doing 10-63% or something like that in 15 minutes is NOTHING NEW. It will be 5-7 years behind by 2025. Porsche Taycan did that percentage from day 1, but it had a smaller battery and less efficiency, so it didn’t get 400 km in 15 minutes. Of course, those are WLPT kms you gain, not hasted road trip kms. 400 then becomes 250 kms.

  3. I love the grounded reality of this channel!!! Despite economy crisis , I’m so happy withdrawing $32K weekly profit out of my investment I just Acquired a {Mercedes Benz GLE 450} last weekend and I give back 20% of my weekly interest back to Charity.

    1. Her strategy has been helping alot of traders/ newbies out there, with her program I was able to recover my losses from the crash so swiftly.

  4. I’m a trainee mechanic. I see now that Mercedes wants to end my future career. This vehicle, which I will never touch, looks like it could be a nightmare for anyone trying to fix it 😂

  5. The center of the steering wheel and cup holder puts me in the mind of Iron Man’s Arc Reactor (from the movies 🎥 🍿).
    Also, is that a Flux Capacitor (MBOS/ artificial intelligence) 🧐 ?!

  6. Great car, nice video, but 15 seconds is obviously 15 minutes. 😉 And paper was also used for the Peugeot Onyx dashboard … years ago! 🙂

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