Monster Tug Of War!

Invite to among the craziest car events in the world. This is in Texas at a 4 day event called . This is a beast pull o war battle consisting of 2.5 ton , 5 load and "unlimited" . The video starts off vs and ends with a vs 2 monster truck grand ending.

Hillbillies with Paychecks:

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Monster Tug Of War!

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  1. Easy to see who was going to win in the ones I’ve seen so far–the truck with the least aggressive tires. On pavement, those off-road heavy-equipment-sized tires have way less tread on the ground than the more normal smaller ones–plus less available torque out of the oversized tires. (Off-road may be a different story.)

  2. Power 💥💪🏻😎 de maquinas pesadas!!!! La primera pickaut que buena máquina revolucionaba de caballos 🐎🐎🐎 buen video 📼🎥 amigos!!! 😃🥇🆗👍🏻

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