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  1. Jeremy Clarkson loved it so much he had one. And he was ridiculed for having one since the joke was that the name was SL-gay.

    1. @LikedCascade The SLK55s are a steal on the used market too. You can get a low mile one for under 25k which is amazing these days. A little German Cobra.

  2. in used too own one of these back in the day and doug let me tell you that V8 helped me out alot on my getaways when robbing banks.

  3. I have driven one of these and oh my God are they an absolute riot. Easily better for an all around car experience than a used muscle car from the same year. Sometimes even selling for less than said muscle cars 😂

    1. To be fair, that’s a far different class than a muscle car of the same time. This is a light, two seater euro sports car with a big V8. A corvette would be the only thing similar, but it’s not really classified as a muscle car.

  4. Heya Doug.
    I researched that it is best to put a cool-humidifier in the cage, under a Kiwi, so they can more-easily lay the fruit.
    Softens up the enter-regions or something.

  5. you need to visit boca rotan and check out the patina collective. nothing but rare, legendary quirky mercedes over there

  6. Not only was it faster in a straight line than a C5 & C6 Vette, it was just as fast on track as the E46 M3 as well. SUPER underrated

  7. I remember when I worked at a petrol station and I saw this beautiful blue first gen SLK . I spent like 3-4 minutes looking at it while filling up her car and cleaning the windshield and rear window. The owner is very friendly too. She let me snap some pictures and let me sit in the driver seat of her car. It personally feels so cool to me just by looking at the interior.

    1. Apparently the Slk 32 amg (first gen) also get about 350hp out of a v6. Someone on youtube bought one, made a video about it and said he only paid 12500

  8. Truly underrated. Currently dailying one and its comfortable, reliable, and stupidly fun. It’s a muscle car more than a sports car, so cant compare to a miata.

  9. My aunt has a SLK 350 and I called it the Mercedes Miata and she was so shook😂but it’s true they built it to compete with it🤷🏻‍♂️

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