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  1. Probably better getting your own livery painted on there, then you can get a really cool one.

  2. Hopefully someone steps up and offers a non-PC livery wrap that says *ROTHMANS* so that people can have an awesome looking car.

    1. They changed it because you can’t advertise cigarettes in the us. Also Porsche isn’t going pay to license the name

    2. Clearly it was Porsche trying to be “nOn-Pc” instead of saving money/avoiding any legal issues. I’m going to go enjoy a smooth Rothmans cigarette and be mad over this. (Rothmans went defunct in 1999)

    1. Couldn’t agree more. It’d be a must for me as well. You’re already spending a good chunk on the car, what’s an extra 30k gonna hurt you? 😂

  3. Doug is the type of guy who is the blueprint for a German dad and then he makes fun of Germans, just like every German dad would do

    1. It’s all painted so they have to tape off sections to get it all done properly and most likely that option is done by hand instead of the robots painting it. For comparison, the new Ford GTs, when someone wanted the ECP (Extended Color Palette) option, meaning picking ANY color you wanted from ANY car maker, it was a minimum $30,000 option and could go higher based on the complexity of the color (the 1 off Mystichrome GT was a $100,000 bespoke option someone chose). So $28,500 for this isn’t all that bad.

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