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    1. @FSAPO They all have good 0-60 times, but that’s not everything that makes a good and fun car. EVs are straight up overhyped and I hope they die off soon.

    2. @MetalheadGamer666 You’re in for a world of disappointment if your wish is to see EV’s die off soon. EV’s aren’t going anywhere and are going to get cheaper and more commonplace. They will also get better in terms of performance and such. They already are pretty darn good in some case.

      Yes, some old school Combustion Engine fanatics aren’t ready to give up their gas guzzlers and for collectors of said cars I’m all on board continuing to allow gas powered cars/trucks to be owned and driven, even when we inevitably have all (or most) new car sales be limited to EV’s. I don’t expect used gas powered cars won’t ever be banned on the roads, especially collectable/antique models, even when EV’s become the daily driver for most people Even if all natural gas/petrol becomes too expensive or more scarce, synthetic fuels will become more commonplace and cheaper as an alternative.

      Car Enthusiasts won’t have to ever have to abandon their older collectable gas cars or give up driving them so don’t panic. I’ll bet that if you’re forced to drive an EV as your daily driver at some point that you’ll find it’s not as bad as you think it will be (have you actually driven one yet?). Charging issues will also be solved just as the issue with providing gas to all the new car owners was solved in early 20th century with the development of gas/petrol distribution systems and gas station chains.

    3. @Seb_1 “I drive a Toyota Corolla part time for work. Gas cars are overrated and aren’t fun to drive at all!”
      See how stupid that sounds?

  1. I unsubbed from Tyler’s channel after he showed his true colors after Alex Jones did a video on him. Weiner

    1. How did he show his true colours? He showcased how an electric pickup had barely enough range to tow an old car and then Alex Jones added his false information to the report afterwards

    2. Huh! Sorry, but Hoovie never showed his true colors the way you suggest. Yes, I am well aware of the controversy you are referring to and yes it’s true that Hoovie discovered the electric truck model he was driving wasn’t well suited for towing a heavy vehicle due vehicle range issues and such, something the truck manufacturer acknowledge was a limitation for that EV truck model. Alex Jones falsely portrayed the whole situation as if it proved EV’s where bad overall simply because a certain model of EV truck wasn’t well suited to tow an old heavy vintage car. This is a solvable issues and EV trucks that can tow as well as any heavy duty gas or diesel truck model will be developed in the future, if they don’t already exists.

    1. Jaguar, Aston, Bentley & RR pretty much everything made in the UK or the fooled Brexit voters area, its junk, high maintenance and bad resale value that going to hurt.

    1. I feel like they meant to say “overpriced” instead of overrated. I think is for sure overpriced but not overrated.

    2. Call it as overrated as u want, I believe it’s gonna be more desirable as quiet electric cars go more and more mainstream

    3. It it is overrated at Ferrari 458 is better in every single way. People only like it because of the engine. If it had a v6 no one would care about it

    4. @George Oliver so you acknowledge the engine is next to none, but u say Ferrari 458 is better in every single way. Pick a side bro

    1. Id b mad for no reason too if i had to go to a shitty minimum wage 9-5 i hate everyday

  2. Doug is the type of guy that charges Tyler one dollar for admission to his garage!!! 🙄

  3. 3 Cars That Are Overrated For Me: Toyota Supra MK4, Nissan GTR R35 and Ferrari LaFerrari

    3 Cars That Are Underrated For Me: Dodge Neon SRT-4, 3rd Gen Toyota MR-2 and Fiat Multipla

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