My best month ever selling exotic cars

Have you questioned how much exotic vehicle salesmen make? sold cars and trucks at a , Aston Martin, McLaren, and dealer in for 6 years and he discusses how the pay plans work and what his best month in the vehicle service was.

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My best month selling exotic cars

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    1. It’s weird, I failed a test today and I’m extremely bummed out and the first comment I read is yours.

    1. In the UK the super car salesman are order takers , even the nearly new.
      I’ve sold new and used “normal” cars pretty easily but when it came to prestige I found it a total piece of piss, specially Range Rover sports, we would just paint em white and they flew out the door , the hardest cars to sell in my exp are Peugeots😩 these guys thought they was buying a Ferrari and always thought their 8 year old px was worth ten grand, hated them, my first day at the Peugeot dealership I got mystery shopped, never sold em before and was a new car so kept trying to bump him into a different car we had on site I could sell , every time he said Peugeot I showed him to the new car sales dept an he dragged me back every time, it’s lucky I had back surgery the next week or my career was over

    2. Just use Comic Sans for all your stand banners and look how the business gets going 😀

    3. @Rosie O’Kelly No, but I knew a registered pharmacist that opened a lemon lot for fun. Although he had restored Cords, Auburn, Duesenberges, Vettes, etc…he admitted that he had a lot to learn in selling cars and hired an old sales manager to teach him the ropes.

    4. which they will promptly turn down because you cant buy exotic cars with poor credit/qualifications. they will literally laugh you out of the showroom.

  1. I don’t know why Ed is such a satisfying video personality to watch before work, but I’m not going to question it. I’ll just take this incredible learning opportunity and enjoying it while I sit back and wait for it to be time to leave.

    1. I’m 2 years late but you stole my comment. That guy was the shrewdest negotiator. If it was free he paid too much.

  2. What you said about the entrepreneurial sales I think applys to any commission based job. I’m a photographer that works for a company where we get a 16% com. off of the weeks sales. Every tactic you mentioned for car sales I uses every day to sell photos.

  3. Ed makes good points. I sold at a VW store in college for a few years. So many deals ended up being minis. Occasionally, you’d take home a “good commission” of $500. Exotics are certainly a different realm than that. Most salesmen at our dealership were starving out, selling 4-5 cars per month at $150 minis. After I graduated and went on to my engineering career, I did miss the interaction with people, the time outside with cars and customers, etc, but I didn’t miss the paychecks. If you’re thinking you’ll go sell for Honda, or Toyota, or another similar high volume new car mfr, and make a lot of money, think again. Find a niche like Ed did, and get good at it.

  4. Ed is really an inspiration. Before I started watching his stuff, I was unemployed. Now, I’m an intern at a mechanic’s shop and I’m enrolled in college and I’m only 16. Gotta give you a major props, Ed. Stand up guy.

  5. Before you all rush out to become car sale’s people. STOP and think on what was said. This is a seven day a week job, late nights and all weekend, For get about a social life and only a few will earn the big bucks…

    1. Pretty much any job has just a few people that account for most of the production. It’s just more apparent when people only get paid for producing.
      When you are working on 100% commission, you don’t have everyone drawing a roughly equal hourly wage while 5% of the employees do 1/2 the work.
      On commission, those 5% that are high producers take home the 50% of the payroll that they earned.
      If you are one of those at work that gets everything done, solves the problems and produces 4 or 5 times as much as the average employee, you will do very well at car sales, real estate sales, or any high dollar commission type job.
      If you kick back and do the minimum necessary to keep your job, car sales may not be for you.

    1. I literally remember thinking that my first month in the Car business. I hear someone say they only made 5k that month and I thought if I could just make that I would be happy. 2 years later if I had a 5k month I would have jumped off a bridge. Car sales is a cruel mistress. Beware….

    1. Tucker Hill lmao. Actually bestbuy did offer me an extended warranty on a $15 toaster 10 years ago. I declined.

    2. What’s the Bread to Toast time? I might pay more for a “sports” toaster if it was faster. Could take it to toaster meets and race it against other people’s toasters.

    3. Two, obviously. One for you and one for the super model girlfriend. If you want a family toaster buy a Sunbeam. We can however lighten your wallet once a year or every 500 slices with an annual toaster service so you can really enjoy that same experience as supercar ownership. We can also arrange for it to sometimes just refuse to make toast (cold mornings, times when your running late already etc.) So let’s talk about financing this toaster…

  6. Open and honest income discussion among colleagues being considered “gauche” is a leading contributor to empowering employers to underpay. There is no good reason not to share your compensation package details.

  7. I want Ed to have a podcast or an audiobook, I can listen to this man for hours. But a weekly podcsst would be amazing, special guests, what’s going on in the card world, etc.

  8. Very informative and entertaining!
    Ed is articulate and professional.
    We need these high-end beautiful cars. I don’t want to live in a world where compacts, family sedans and SUVs are the only choice.
    Thanks to Lambo, Ferrari, Corvette, AMG, Porsche,… for making this world a better and fun place.
    In addition to that much needed extravaganza, we get modern cars looking better and handling better because of these supercars.

  9. When I sold cars having qualified customers that could actually purchase the vehicles was one of the biggest challenges. Wasting time with credit criminals was the worst.

  10. Ed, as always, I love your shrewd explanations. My dad sold cars for many years, and to this day, I don’t know how he could do it. He didn’t have quite that type of personality. But as you mentioned, you can learn how to do this. Me, being the highly logical person that I am, could probably learn it as well. But I know enough about myself to get nowhere near your profession. Thanks for what you do!

  11. I’ve been selling cars for about a year now and it has been a comfortable living. Truthfully the biggest barrier for me in this industry is boredom. I have effectively gotten bored of selling cars. The money can be awesome, but there are only so many types of customer interactions in non-exotic sales I suppose.

  12. As a new car salesman, your videos have helped me. I grow in this business day by day and i learn something new.

    Thanks for these videos man, keep up the good work!

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