My Cheap Porsche Boxster Is Actually PRISTINE Under All The FILTHY Dirt!

I lastly deep clean my dirty I purchased for dirt cheap at . We do a complete information given that it was nasty, and to my surprise it cleaned up like a brand name brand-new cars and truck. I drove this automobile back 1,000 miles after fixing it in the car park 20 minuets after purchasing it as a non running unidentified mileage "junk" car that no one cared about. Regrettably we discover a couple more problems needing to be repaired.

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My Is Actually PRISTINE Under All The FILTHY Dirt!

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  1. Great video man!! That was such a fantastic find I can’t wait to see this thing running at its full potential.

  2. Where do I sign up for the giveaway car? Thanks. Great pics! Great presentation! And great videos!🎉And a happy and successful new year to come.

  3. The rattle on startup is really common. It is due to oil draining out of the cam chain tensioners. You can upgrade the oil pressure relief valve to a 997 version which will improve it but ultimately you need to replace tensioners.

  4. Now we know why that right-hand fan is still running even when its off.. darn mice… where’s a cat when you need ’em?

  5. It takes a second for the tensioners to pump up with oil, that’s what the noise is on cold start. Most/all early boxsters do it.

    1. Should also add that the tensioners are easy to replace and cheap. Supposedly it gets rid of the noise. Helpmediy has a vid replacing em and is also a HUGE resource for DIYing these cars 🙂

    2. Check camshaft deviation values on a PIWIS if you rattle upon startup… it’s not just the tensioners, VarioCam pads and timing chain paddles need replacing. I see them fail at 40k miles. If you are ticking, check for signs of the infamous bore scoring plague. This engine definitely needs work.

  6. Dear Jeff and Christian,
    You’ve made a beautiful car out of how Jeff bought the Porsche Boxster from the auction so besides some minor details this car can run and look like brand new what’s make it worth to repair all these details including the damage. Wish you both a wonderful old years eve and a very happy new year

  7. A great find and thank you for saving it. One note, the convertible top should be cleaned separate from the rest of the car (different detergent). You didn’t hurt anything with this one wash but over time it could damage the top. It looks great!

  8. That start up noise is the chain tensioners. Perfectly normal at that mileage but get them replaced just in case.

  9. Keep the wheels with the car, remember how excited you were when you found the spec sheet, and plan on keeping it with the car, keep it original and pass that joy on to the next owner.

  10. Keep the wheels on guys. I’m a Porsche owner and if I was looking to buy this Porsche, I would pay the $2000 difference. I have those exact wheels on my Porsche.

  11. Please keep the wheels, keeps the car original to the window sticker!
    Loving this boxster series! 😎👍

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